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By Craig McGregor on December 07, 2004 | News | 0

Quality Games Online announced today that their MMORPG Legend of Mir 3 (EU) has been released and is now pay to play.  The game has a free 14 day trial period, but after that a fee of £7.99 will be required to continue playing.  Their official announcement is below:

Quality Games Online Ltd. are proud to announce that the record breaking MMORPG game The Legend of MIR 3 has arrived in Europe and is about to enter Pay to Play, with over 20,000 users online and that figure growing everyday.

This colourful fantasy and siege weaponry game has many new features, including vast landscapes, new scenery along with choices of multiple characters with numerous weapons and skills to choose from. In the game there are many new events to take part in and well over 1000 daily quests to keep you busy!

The Legend of Mir 3 allows players to interact with each other using the integrated chat system, which is a great way to make new friends. Then there are the options of joining a user guild and taking part in superb guild wars, taking castles and territories to claim as your own, or should you prefer, you can simply group with your friends to enjoy the feat of killing the bigger mobs together, with the advantage of sharing extra experience points gained from killing these bigger monsters. The deeper you travel in the realms of Mir, the bigger and harder the monsters become, but grouping can be an enjoyable way of levelling up your character and also by choosing your group carefully with the right mix of characters the killing sprees can be very rewarding. Travelling through the various different villages near and far within the game gives you pleasant changes of scenery with many bizarre monsters to fight for your life against along the way. Wherever you travel in Mir you will be sure to find a few surprises, as the monsters you defeat will drop special items maybe even with added statistics that will make your character more powerful. 

As your character progresses and you study different manuals you will gradually see your character take shape into what becomes a very powerful and cunning being, with many spells to choose and benefit from. Each class has its own spells, armour and items and as you level up you become eligible for these different class specific spells, but first you need to buy the manual and study the spell and as you become more competent and use the spell to its full extent, it is only then that you see the immense and spectacular damage the spells can cause. Items in game also determine the damage you can cause, because some items have added elements to them. The elements are based on Ignis, Gelu, Fulmen, Ventus, Sacer, Ater and Phasma, with each of these elements being useable to your advantage for battling against monsters that are weak against certain elements. Each element is different and whilst playing your character you will truly see the destruction each one can cause, but on top of that, if these spells are added to your weapon, ring, etc the colours are displayed are truly a sight to see.

If you are very lucky you may even find yourself a fair maiden or warrior who you will fall head over heels in love with and choose to marry. The marriage system has the benefit of teleporting you to your loved one if for some reason you lose them. To do this all you have to do is click on your wedding ring and you will appear by there side. Another option in the game is to rent random pets for an hour to help you level up quicker or to help you face stronger monsters, these pets will remain faithful servants which you will find invaluable, until there time runs out, which is when you should either run or prepare to battle them as they turn against you!

Monthly fee and discounts can be found on our website http://www.mir3europe.com along with the latest news, lively rich forums and the game client that you can download free of charge. New players registering to the game can get a first hand taste of the game with the trial of 14 days free game time.


Craig McGregor