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Free Days of Service

By Jon Wood on September 05, 2005 | News | 0

The Legend of Mir 3, as you may or may not be aware, has been expereiencing a number of issues recently. The first of these issues revolved around August's patch, which gave some players issues. Mir 3 fixed the problem and promised 5 days of credited free game time for those affected. Since then, issues of lag with ALL players has prompted an offer of 7 free days to ALL players. 

As many of you are no doubt aware, during the problems we had with getting you all patched up and ready to go with the snow patch at the beginning of August, we promised to credit all accounts affected by the problems with 5 days game time.

However, then, due to unforeseen issues with our connection with our ISP, many players have been reporting extreme lag ingame, and it was decided that our best option was to hold off crediting accounts with the free time, until they could be assured of being able to play properly, instead of simply logging in and enjoying 5 days worth of being stuck in a respawn area trying to move.

Well, finally, we will be able to apply this game time during the reboot on Wednesday. ALL game accounts will be credited with 7 days worth of free play time. These 7 days include the original 5 days worth of time we had promised, and an additional 2 days worth of time to thank you all for bearing with us through this last month, and to make up for the inconvenience caused throughout. 

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Jon Wood