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Doors close June 30th

By Keith Cross on April 25, 2008 | News | 0

The folks behind Legend of Mir 3 have announced that they will be closing their doors on June 30th

A situation has come up that has a devastating effect on our Legend of Mir3 community. I regret to announce that WeMade has decided to no longer permit us to host Legend of Mir3. We are very sorry to have this occur; I have no details of the reason why so I will focus on what we can do for our wonderful and dedicated community. We will run the game to the end of this quarter, shutting down the servers on June 30th.  June 1st will be the last day that payments will be accepted. Other events will be discussed below along with an option to try out our other game, HelbreathUSA. The more interesting idea I want to present to you is that we are seeking a game to replace Legend of Mir3 on our service. We are working on getting another game or games and we seek your help to do so. We are offering a $1000 USD bounty to the player on our service who introduces us to whomever we sign a contract with to get a new game. This will only be a payment to one person, for providing us the contact to get one game on our service. We are interested in a game ready to go now that we can start with it as quickly as possible. We are very open as to the theme and genre of the game. We plan on running events during May and June that does not require WeMade assistance. These events will include x2 events during May and x3 leading to x4 events in June. We hope that will provide a fine last Hurrah to the game. Another option is to have the two months access to HelbreathUSA, our other game. We are arranging for guilds to mentor new players from Mir3 to teach the game and help provide a fun and exciting game experience. The HBUSA players should be delighted, as it is always great to get new blood into the game! Those Mir3 players taking advantage of this offer will be given a special ring, bound to your character, to signify your status once you subscribe to HelbreathUSA. The HBUSA game is better learned by building the character from the start but building to 20th level to set up a guild can be done quite quickly. For those guild-masters in Mir3 seeking to move to HBUSA we will reserve the guild name for you.  The guild-master should use the TIXX system to reserve your guild name. At the end of the free time we will provide the migrating players with an experience boost to add to the character they already have or to a new character on their account. We recommend that the player be trained in the game basics before using the experience boost.

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Keith Cross