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    Action RPG
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    Almost Human Games
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Legend of Grimrock 2 Overview

Legend of Grimrock II is an action RPG/dungeon crawler and the sequel to 2012's original Legend of Grimrock. The sequel is similarly old-school RPG inspired, and features an emphasis on exploration and survival in a world where tricky traps and puzzles exist to test you. Naturally, a whole bestiary full of creatures (most of them completely new in the sequel) will be waiting. Your journey puts you as one of four shipwrecked prisoners who must take on the challenges posed by a mysterious island in order to survive.

  • A Shiny New Grimrock | This sequel features 30 new monsters unique to the island with over 40 in total. The Isle of Nex setting is also new, with environments like swamps, rivers, and of course, dungeons, ready to test players.
  • It's Your Party | Your party of four is all your call. Customize your party's classes from the eight available), races (choose from five), traits, spells, and more in order to succeed.
  • Create, Share, and Play Custom Dungeons | The included dungeon editor lets players create their own challenging designs, as well as share and play through other players' creations. Choose the puzzles, traps, monsters, environments, and even include custom graphics, items, and more
Foundational Improvement

First-person, turn-based, adventuring, puzzle-solving, dungeon crawling, roleplaying games are even harder to come by nowadays than they are to describe. Might & Magic, Wizardry, and a slew of other once-popular franchises dominated the roleplaying game scene at one point, but thankfully some developers are still making games like the Legend of Grimrock series as a throwback and revival to what once was.