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    Action RPG
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    Clever Plays
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Leap of Fate Overview

Leap of Fate is an action RPg and twin-stick shooter set in a sci-fi dystopia. The game is a roguelike, placing you in the role of one of several mages, each with his or her own storyline and multiple endings. Health won't regenerate, so it's up to you to use everything at your disposal to make it through each level. The game's levels are randomly generated, as are the bonuses you will receive, though you can upgrade your spells and use your weapons to survive the onslaught. Enemy types will vary and no two playthroughs will be the same. The emphasis is on skills winning the day no matter what the game throws at you, and reaching one of the "fates" a character may face in the mature stories contained within.

  • Fast-Paced Action Comes to Mobile | Leap of Fate brings a fast-paced twin stick shooter blended with RPG to tablets as well as PC. The developers aimed to challenge players' expectations of mobile games as well as their skills in the game.
  • Everything is New Again | Levels are randomly generated, and even their sequence will be different each time. Randomly generated bonuses and spells will keep each session fresh too. With four mages, multiple endings for each, and one shot to get through each story, will you come out on top?
  • You Only Live Once | Health doesn't regenerate. Your spells and buffs are a surprise each time, and you've only got one life to make it through the action, multiple enemy types, and changing levels if you want to reach your ultimate fate.