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League of Legends Articles

League of Legends Preseason 2023 Patch Marks Return Of Chemtech Drake, Brings Major Jungle Changes

Riot Games has revealed the changes coming to League of Legenda through the Preseason 2023 patch, which will herald the return of a flying monster to the Rift as well as big changes to the jungles themselves. 

What Will the Riot Games MMO's Game World Look Like?

Riot's MMO has an in-depth universe to pull from, one that rivals even Azeroth and the surrounding realms from World of Warcraft. Here's a primer on what the Riot MMO's world just might look like.

Riot Games Is Hosting A 10-Week Long, Multi-Game Event Centered On The Star Guardians

Riot Games is leveraging its mega-popular IP to host a 10-week long event across three of its titles featuring its in-universe magicl girl anime tribute. The event will feature a host of new skins, a narrative experience, and the release of a new copyright-free album for streamers.

Amazon's Ultimate Crown League of Legends Event Made Vegas Shine Even Brighter This Weekend

As someone who grew up in Las Vegas, Bradford was reminded why this city - and the events it can hold - can truly be special. With Amazon's Ultimate Crown event pitting MrBeast and Ninja together, Bradford looks at the event as well as how it reminds him how incredible in-person events can end up being.

Amazon Is Hosting A League Of Legends Tournament In Las Vegas Next Month For Prime Day

Amazon is celebrating Prime Day next month in a rather big way, as the company is putting on a headliner in Las Vegas: The Ultimate Crown tournament will see two celebrity heavyweights, MrBeast and Ninja, go head to head at the HyperX Arena in a League of Legends tournament.

Top 5 Things We Want To See In Riot Games' Upcoming League of Legends MMO

Riot Games is working on an MMO set in the Runeterra universe, this much is known. Exactly what that title will look like in the end isn't quite as well known. However, that hasn't stopped us from speculating. Here are five things we want to see in the upcoming League of Legends MMO.

Riot Sets Up a Hiring Portal for their Upcoming MMORPG

League of Legends developer Riot Games posted a recruitment portal earlier this week, as they look for experienced MMO developers to make the world of Runeterra come alive.

League of Legends Starts Season 11, Shows Off Plans for 2021

With Riot Games starting their latest season of League of Legends, the company announced a variety of new updates to their other League-oriented properties.

What a League of Legends MMO Might Look Like

What would a League of Legends MMO look like? Mike weighs in on a couple of options.

Riot Games Confirms It's Working On A League of Legends MMO

In a tweet today by Riot Games' Greg Street, VP of IP and Entertainment at the studio, the company has confirmed that its creating an MMO. Also, in the same tweet the studio confirmed they were hiring for this endeavor.

League of Legends Showcases Its Upcoming Champion, Rell The Iron Maiden

League of Legends is getting yet another character for players to sink their teeth into, this time in the form of Rell the Iron Maiden.

Riot Will Preview League of Legends: Wild Rift Tomorrow

League of Legends: Wild Rift is set to arrive on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in Spring 2021. And you can catch a preview of this gameplay on October 22. Oh hey, that's tomorrow.

Seraphine is the New League of Legends Hero

League of Legends announced their newest hero, Seraphine.

Secret Lab Releases League of Legends-themed Chair Collection

Secret Lab, makers of the popular Omega and Titan gaming chairs, announced a new collaboration with Riot Games this week to deliver a series of League of Legends-themed gaming chairs. The chairs are themed after three key heroes and the LoL-based pop group, K/DA.

League of Legends Patch 10.15 Points to More Flexible Ranked Flex

Patch 10.15 for League of Legends brings about more flexible Ranked Flex queues and more.