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LawBreakers Articles

LawBreakers is Officially Gone

According to former Boss Key Productions environmental artist Josh Rife, the LawBreakers servers are officially gone marking the end to the turbulent game life of the team-based shooter. Rife made the announcement via his Twitter account that also reveals he is now working on The Division 2.

Nexon Nixes the $30 Price Tag as Cliffy B's Game Goes F2P

LawBreakers is now free to play on PC via Steam. As of this writing the PlayStation 4 version of the game is still buy-to-play, but players are hopeful the price tag will be dropped there as well.

Boss Key Productions Is 'Effectively No More'

Cliff Bleszinski has posted on Twitter that "Boss Key Productions is effectively no more". He further reveals that LawBreakers was a great game that "didn't gain traction" and that Radical Heights was "well received, however, ... too little too late". He further writes that he will be taking time off to spend with his family and to consider whether or not he'll be back "to make something new again someday".

Is Epic 'Poaching' BossKey's Staff? CliffyB Thinks So

It seems that Cliff Bleszinski is on the warpath. Last Friday, he sent out a targeted tweet accusing Epic of trying to poach his BossKey staff. "Hey @epicgames, could you please stop trying to hire away my team? We just launched @Radical_Heights on #UE4 and are really happy with how it's going" he wrote. Responding to his own tweet, he further said, "There's room at this genre (sic) for more than a few games SMH".

Boss Key Moving On to Other Projects But Will Give LawBreakers a 'Second Life'

In a brief note on the LawBreakers site, Boss Key is letting fans of the game know that, as most expected, LB "failed to find enough of an audience to generate the funds necessary to keep it sustained in the manner we had originally planned for and anticipated". To that end, it appears a shift is being made to take it F2P, though a "change of this magnitude takes publishing planning and resources to do it". To that end, other projects are in the works to bring in needed resources.

Huge Update to Drop This Week with New Competitive Ranked Mode & More

A huge LawBreakers content drop is expected to come this week that includes a number of big things for players. Most notably, the long-awaited Boss Leagues will arrive that brings competitive ranked play into the game starting with Beta Season 0. During this event, Boss Key devs will be able to collect and process data and feedback to make improvements going into the future.

'The Weapons Available to You' Introduces This Weekend's Free Event

If you haven't yet tried LawBreakers, you'll have an opportunity to do so from September 28th through October 2nd. To get players stoked for the coming event, a brand new trailer called "The Weapons Available to You" has been released that shows off wicked game play action.

New Map, Mode & Balance Revamps Anchor Latest Update

LawBreakers has been updated with a big new patch that brings a new map, the new Skirmish mode and a major balance update to systems such as health regeneration and an increased health pool for all classes. To illustrate what players can expect, Boss Key sent out a "rapid fire dev update".

New Patch to Limit Roles Per Team Per Match

With today's update, LawBreakers will be changing quite a bit. Most significantly, team roles will be limited to two of any given type per match. "[W]e've decided that the game is simply a lot more fun without role stacking. From now on Quick Play will feature a 2 role limit -- this means that you'll never run into 3 or more of the same role stacked against you", read the patch notes.

Enjoyable, But It Needs a Healthy Player Base to be Great

Lawbreakers is a recently released FPS (First Person Shooter) developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon for PC and PS4. The concept behind the game is to have a fast, active FPS with fluid movement and a battlefield that is all about movement and keeping your head on a swivel. Let's take a look at it's different parts that add up to make Lawbreakers what it is.

Open Beta for PC & PlayStation 4 This Weekend

If you've not yet had a chance to try out LawBreakers, this weekend is your golden opportunity. Both PlayStation 4 and PC players can take part in the open beta that is scheduled to begin on Friday, July 28th at 7:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Eastern and it will end on Monday, July 31st at 7:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Eastern. Preloading of the client has already begun, so it's a great opportunity to be ready to take off in gravity defying action at the appointed hour.

LawBreakers Open Beta Impressions - I Got a Boot in the Face!

I recently sat down to give the Lawbreakers beta a whirl and here’s the gist of it. I had sliced, been sliced, fired rockets, got a boot in the face, chased around an enemy player who was carrying a smart ass talking ball, used an electric rope thingie to swing into walls, bounced around and left clicked a lot... all in the first 5 minutes. Someone get me some decaf...

Take Part in a PC Steam Beta Through July 5th

LawBreakers will be open to all PC players starting today and running through July 5th. Anyone can download the game via Steam and start playing at 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern today. Included in the event is a new map called Vertigo, a new game mode called Uplink and new weapon stickers.

Ready to Launch on August 8th for PC and PlayStation 4

During today's PC Gaming Show at E3 2017, Cliffy B took to the stage to announce that LawBreakers will be released on August 8th for both PC and PlayStation 4. The game will retail for $29.99 and said pointedly, "None of that $60 multiplayer only bullshit".

Boss Key Bringing Bleszinski's FPS to PS4 in 2017

Boss Key Productions has made a pair of pretty cool announcements today. First off, the LawBreakers will be headed to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro later in 2017. Secondly, Nexon announced the business model for the game. PC and PS4 versions will cost $29.99 complete. There will be no season pass and all future updates will be free for all players. Cosmetic items can be earned through game play.