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    Action RPG
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    Eleventh Hour Games
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    Beta Testing
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Last Epoch Overview

Last Epoch is an upcoming ARPG from developer Eleventh Hour Games, an independent development studio aimed at building the next great action-RPG. In Last Epoch, the player becomes the protector of a broken shard of the Epoch, a powerful artifact connected to fate and power over time. This shard of the Epoch sends the player to the Ruined Era, a future consumed by darkness known as the Void. They then reform the Epoch and must use it to influence different climatic points in the world of Eterra's history.

The player fights the Immortal Empire's oppression in the Imperial Era, stands against the warring gods in the Divine Era, and witnesses the Ancient Era's primal wilds.

Only by traveling through time will the player change fate and save the world from the Void.


    Choose how you want to play - Hardcore for the thrill of permanent death, Solo Self-Found for the rugged individualist, even Masochist for those who want to test their skill. More Challenge Modes are coming soon.
    Ascend the ranks of the leaderboards. Watch yourself grow compared to those below you and see just how much further you need to climb to reach the top.
    Last Epoch is a living game, continually supported with free updates. Exciting content is always around the corner for new and returning players alike.
    Team up with other players or go offline and rely on your strength alone. A lone wolf can conquer the dangers in Eterra, but a party of travelers is a force to be reckoned with.
    Constant evolution. Each Cycle comes with original content, reset leaderboards, and a new economy - the perfect opportunity to adventure with a fresh start.
    Buy, sell, and trade your gear through the Bazaar. Become a master of the economy, and the right item will make you rich! More info to come.
Last Epoch Wants to Start 2021 with 'Significant Itemization' Changes

In a short tweet by Last Epoch developer Eleventh Hour Games, the team posts a couple screenshots depicting some of the itemization changes players can expect in patch 0.8.1.

Last Epoch Game Director Reflects on 2020, Thanks Players for Helping Them Through the Year

Last Epoch Game Director Judd Cobler took to the forums to post a year in review of how far the game has come, and what players can expect to see in 2021. Cobler also thanks the players for their enthusiasm and support, and wants to let everyone know "We could not have made it through this year without you."

Last Epoch Releases a Huge Patch - New Rogue Class, Balancing, and a New Chat System Are Go

Eleventh Hour Games has released two patches this week that have culminated in quite a big step forward in the development of the early access title Last Epoch. Beta Patch 0.8 and Patch 0.8B provide quite a few delectable patch notes that Last Epoch's hack and slash fans will surely gobble up.