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Lands of Hope: Redemption Overview

Lands of Hope: Redemption is a browser fantasy MMORPG set in the Forlorn Hope/Lands of Hope franchise. Thousands of years ago, a cataclysmic event nearly destroyed the world of Myzan, and left two factions who lived through the event fighting for survival. Players enter the world just in time for the news of another possible cataclysmic event to be heard, and are called upon to seek out and discover what this new event is, and stop it if at all possible.

Lands of Hope boasts an impressive list of features, especially considering the game was developed and created by one man - Daniel Paull. Try out the 7-day trial period for free, and a one time measly $5 after that to continue playing. A Premium Content Pack is also available for $60, that includes bonus storyline elements, additional character slots, quests, and item rewards, along with exclusive weapons, armor, mounts, and pets.


  • Questing | Over 400 varied quests.
  • High Level Cap | Level 201 level cap followed by countless levels of end-game “Overpower” content.
  • Massive World | Over 118 Maps to explore, dungeons to fight in etc ….
  • Gathering and Crafting | Extensive crafting system allows for powerful craftables and special items.
  • Incredible Housing | Own your own home, share it with others, renovate it or simply use it as storage.
  • Caring Developer | Easy to approach indie developer who cares about the community.
New World Bosses & Halloween Activities

Lands of Hope Redemption has been updated with some new world bosses and a new Halloween event, according to the latest information from indie developer Daniel Paull. Players can take on a pair of new world bosses in open world fights.

Bunnies to Vampires Event

The Lands of Hope: Phoenix Edition team has let us know about a new spring/Easter-themed event that is ongoing in the game. Apparently the evil weasels have turned the fuzzy bunnies into vampires and it's up to players to help turn the tide.

New Premium Content Added

Lands of Hope: Phoenix Edition players will definitely want to check back into the game to sample some of the big changes the team has brought in during the past month. In addition to the usual tweaks and balances, LoH now sports over 500 quests and 1500 levels.