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Latest Round Table Addresses In-Game Weather

The Latest EverQuest Next: Landmark Round Table video has been released. In it, Terry Michaels and Omeed Dariani discuss poll results about how much of an impact weather should have on the game. According to the poll, players were very supportive of a dynamic weather system designed to provide immersion. Though not on the immediate radar according to the road map, it is on the long range plan.

Latest Building Blocks Features a Walk on the Runway

The latest in the Building Blocks series of videos from the EverQuest Next: Landmark team has been released. This time, the team shows off various fashions that players can find in the game and the process behind their creation. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

From Concept to Implementation - Harvesting Tools

The latest EverQuest Next: Landmark video diary takes on harvesting tools in the game. What makes the video different is the introduction of the creative process behind the assets, from the concept and idea all the way through the introduction into the game. Check it out!

Building Blocks - Grappling Hooks & Multiple Starting Areas

As alpha players work their way through the content and building process in Everquest Next: Landmark, they are quickly discovering the power of the grappling hook to build and to travel to heretofore unreachable locations. In the latest Building Blocks video, the EQN:L team shows off a few ways the mighty grappling hook can be used. In addition, the latest EQN Roundtable takes on the question of Multiple Starting Areas. Check out both videos before chatting in the comments.

Need a Grappling Hook? Enter & Win!

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it will be giving away twenty-five prime EverQuest Next: Landmark grappling hooks during the forthcoming weekend. All fans need to do is enter to win. The grappling hook will only be usable during the EQNL alpha test.

The Road Map: What & Why

Sony Online Entertainment has published the EverQuest Next: Landmark road map. The road map lays out in extensive detail what the team has plans to add to the game over the Phase 1, Phase 2 and beyond. More importantly, the team wants players to know why various systems and features are being implemented and the reasons behind the timing of their release.

Alpha Update Includes Fixes, New Building Materials

The alpha patch notes for EverQuest Next: Landmark have been posted on the official forums. The lengthy list includes key bug fixes and the news that additional building materials have been added to the game to give players more variety in construction.

February 2014 Producer's Letter Celebrates Alpha

The latest EverQuest Next: Landmark Producer's Letter for February has arrived. In it, Dave Georgeson celebrates the release of the alpha test for EQN:L. He talks about what players have been up to during alpha, the amazing building and much more. He also speaks to new features that will arrive soon: Chat, water, combat, door triggers and more. The team will produce the list and ask players for feedback on what they'd like to see next.

Building in the Dusty Desert

Continuing to reveal new and interesting information to EverQuest Next: Landmark fans, Sony Online Entertainment unveiled its latest "Building Blocks" video to show off the desert regions that players can choose to build and gather in. Check it out to see if this sometimes harsh environment is for you.

NDA Lifts Within Hours of Alpha Start

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley has announced via Twitter that the NDA for EverQuest Next: Landmark has been lifted. This allows alpha testers to post impressions, videos and more across the 'Net.

Alpha System Specs Revealed

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed the system specifications for those who will be participating in the EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha test set to commence at the end of January. Users will be required to have a 64-bit system as, according to Dave Georgeson, the game is not yet optimized.

January Producer's Video Teases Crafting Info Incoming

Senior Producer Terry Michaels takes to the airwaves with the EverQuest Next: Landmark Producer's Letter for January. Michaels looks back at the releases up to now and gives a few hints about things that players can expect as the month comes to a close. He lets slip that crafting will be spotlighted in an upcoming developer diary.

Georgeson Recommends 64-Bit OS for Alpha

Dave Georgeson has recommended that EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha testers use a 64-bit operating system due to the game not yet being optimized. The statement was made via Georgeson's Twitter account.

Team Set to Talk About Staking Your Claim

Movers and shakers from the EverQuest Next: Landmark team will be on hand later today to host a live stream event on the EQN:L channel. The topic of the day will be about claiming a stake in the game world, how big they are and how it all works.

Latest Video Diary Focuses on Advanced Building Tools

Fans of EverQuest Next: Landmark will want to check out the latest video developer diary that focuses on advanced building tools. While the game is marketed as something for anyone, there is also an advanced component to please even the most sophisticated builder.