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Game to Close on February 21, 2017

The Landmark community has been informed that the game will be shutting down on February 21, 2017. The decision was made "after much review" and with a heavy heart. Between now and the closure, Player Studio items will no longer be accepted for listing or for purchase. Everything in the Marketplace will sell for one DBC.

Trailblazer Early Access Begins

Landmark's Trailblazers are now able to enter the full release version of Landmark and can take part in 48-hours of early access. The official site has some instructions for players who may be having issues with the Launchpad and the thread will continue to be updated throughout the day.

Ready to Hit the Ground Running on June 10th

Daybreak Game Company has announced the official launch date for Landmark as June 10th. Those playing the closed beta with any one of the founders' packs will have automatic access to the game on launch. Those using a shared beta key have the option to upgrade. Founders' Packs will continue to be sold through June 6th.

Team Seeks Feedback on Key Changes to the Game

Daybreak is looking for feedback from Landmark players about the recent big changes in the game. Devs are hoping to learn more about how players feel about Story Tools, Prop Linking,Starter Templates, and Chaos Caverns / Outposts.

While Servers Are Down, Check Out the Huge Patch Notes

Landmark players have time yet to while away during patch deployment that started yesterday and could run as long as 48-hours. The new patch brings a huge number of changes into the game including new character customization options, terminology changes, bug fixes, UI improvements and much, much more.

Storytelling Mode Incoming

The Landmark forum has a new post that should cheer up players mourning the loss of EverQuest Next. A new update is planned that will allow players to create and add characters to claims in order to tell epic stories, participate in adventures, combat or dungeon delving.

Release Date Revealed & Longdale Named Executive Producer

Landmark has finally gotten a release date. Players can look forward to finally getting hands on the finished version of the game in Spring 2016. In addition to this news, Daybreak Game Company also announced that Holly Longdale has been named as the Executive Producer for the title adding it to her duties with EverQuest and EverQuest II.

Significant Update Includes New Player Improvements

For the first time in a great while the Landmark forum has been updated with a developer post that details the next significant update to the game. Among many other things, the new players will have a slightly easier introduction to the game.

The Road Ahead Detailed

The latest Landmark Producer's Letter has been published on the official site that lays out the details about what players can expect to see in the days and weeks ahead.

Players Being Refunded for Basic Building Mats Purchases

As part of the big changes coming to Landmark, the basic building materials will have the resource cost eliminated. Dirt, ice, sand, snow and stone were, however, once part of a Marketplace package. As a result, when the server wipe is implemented, any players who purchased these basic materials will find some compensatory goods added to their accounts. These "orbs of reclamation" can be traded for a different bundle of equal cost.

Claim Limits Expanding After Server Wipe

With significant changes coming to player achievements/progression and to crafting, Landmark servers will be wiped in the near future to accommodate new systems and overhauled features. The latest news from Daybreak concerns claim limits and how they will be changing once the wipe / update goes live.

Big Changes Coming to Major Game Systems

The Landmark team has posted a pair of blogs that feature an extensive look at big changes coming to the game later this month. Players can expect a server wipe after the application of the patch, as well as alterations in Crafting & Harvesting and Achievement & Progression.

Copper Removed as Claim Upkeep Currency

The Landmark team posted a nice wrap up of last week's news with the fantastic news that copper used for maintaining one's ownership of a claim has been removed. The contention was made that it was never the intention to support the copper mining industry within the game. To replace "rent", players will need to log into the game at reasonable intervals to keep their claims active. As long as they do so, claims will remain 'as is' without reverting to available status.

What's Coming Soon, the Short Road Ahead

The Landmark forum has been updated with a look at what players can expect in the very near future as development continues on the game.

Latest "Live" Episode Discusses Moving Forward

Following last week's cataclysmic layoffs, the Landmark team has released the latest "Live" video podcast. The initial remarks from Community Manager Colette "Dexella" Murphy and Senior Producer Terry Michaels cover the "change in the company" from SOE to Daybreak Game Company and spend time discussing the layoffs. The teams are moving forward as the rest of the show reinforces. Check it out and let us know what you think.