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    Unreal Engine
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    Potato Killer Studios
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    2016 (01/22/2016)
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Land of Britain Overview

Land of Britain: Wrath of The North is a fantasy world in which 3 realms face each other in order to survive. The unique gameplay rules create a reality that changes in which the characters will live their adventures facing the challenges with their own play style.

From the developer, Potato Killer Studios, "Land on Britain was brought to life from the need to create something that reflects the user expectations, therefore it’s a project primarily made by players for players. That’s why we all felt the need to create something that isn’t only innovative but that can fulfill the potential seen in the first MMORPGs and with time disappeared. Land of Britain has a unique point of view on how an MMORPG should be made and played, displaying many innovations that we can’t wait to show."

  • Dynamic World | Unrepeatable quests and events, an evolving world, dynamic dungeons and fights.
  • Evolving Kingdoms | 3 immediately playable kingdoms and evolving storyline that could greatly change the balance of Britannia.
  • Original Crafting | Choose your profession, follow your storyline and participate actively to your kingdom’s success, for a truly cooperative game experience.
  • Innovative Gathering | The single/group Gathering and the Treasure Hunter.
  • For Every Player | Gameplay and combat system designed for both casual and hardcore gamers.
  • Adventurer or Crafter, You’ll be the Protagonist | PvE, PvP, KvK? It's your choice with 3 Kingdoms, 18 races and 18 classes to choose from.