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LockSixTime - Exploring Kyn, an RPG with Soul

Kyn is a single player, strategic action RPG. Blending multiple genres, the player controls up to six Vikings in a challenging world where magic is present. Magic, both coveted and feared, has been one only the most skilled warriors had access to. Now that peace is threatened by what may be abuses of that very magic, it may be something you need to learn to harness. The game features lots of enemies to fight, loot to collect, and tactical combat to keep you busy and guessing as you explore the v

Our Video Review: A Unique Indie RPG

Kyn shouldn’t exist. There’s no reliable reason an RPG like this should come from a two-man team called Tangrin Games. Victor Legerstee and Cavit Ozturk are the two Dutch minds behind this unique strategic RPG. Sure they’ve had some help from contractors to finish the game, but the art, coding, level design, and all of that was done entirely by these two friends with a dream: to make an RPG that makes you think and tell a new tale in a new world. So, have they succeeded? Watch our Re

What the Heck is Kyn?

Kyn is an upcoming strategy Action RPG from two-man developer Tangrin Games. Intended to hearken back to the RPGs of old that actually made you think, Kyn promises 20+ hours of unique campaign questing with a story written by Arkham City's Dana Curtin.

World Premiere of Gameplay with MMORPG.com

World Premiere of Gameplay with the guys at Tangrin Games, a duo of indie developers making a truly unique and interesting strategic RPG. Check out more at http://www.kyngame.com Want beta access? Tweet @_Tangrin_ and Victor and Cavit will get you in! They want your feedback on this tactical RPG.