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Kritika Online Articles

PAX West 2017 - Hands On with the Psion

The fast-paced, frenetic action of Kritika Online’s closed beta for a while. Now, as it begins to enter its full launch this month it looks like there still a few more surprises up it sleeve. And that big surprise is a brand new playable character class known as the Psion.

Chill Out and Beat Stuff Up - Hands-On with the Closed Beta

Kritika Online is an Action MMOG published by En Masse and developed by Alm. It’s been out for a while in its native country and is now just hitting the States. You may know En Masse because they are the publishers of TERA and A.V.A. I have played TERA a lot and I think En Masse has done a better job than most at being a publisher of Eastern-born MMOs. Kritika Online is in Closed Beta this week, and you can either get on their wait list or buy your way in with a founder’s pack.