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Kritika Online Articles

En Masse Announces Closure of Kritika Online on April 30th

En Masse Entertainment has announced that it will be sunsetting Kritika Online on April 30th. From now through that date, the game will be in maintenance mode with several changes starting today. Players will not be able to create new Kritika accounts, EMP cannot be used in-game after today and all EMP items are removed from the shop. Everything in the Kred shop will be reduced to zero cost and Kred amounts will be converted back to EMP.

Kritika Online Updated with the Archer Class, a New Challenger Zone & More

Kritika Online has been updated with a big patch to bring a lot of new content to the game for players to explore. The pet-using Archer class is now available as well as three new Challenger Zones and the "Progression Renewal" feature. The latter sees the "leveling experience for end-game overhauled, rearranging quests and adding new rewards".

Kritika Online Players Have a New Character to Try Out with The Prodigy

Kritika Online has been updated to bring a brand new playable character to players. The Prodigy is "a skilled spellcaster from another dimension and is the youngest Dimension Watcher cadet in history...hence the name. She comes with two advanced classes: the Elemancer "who conjures elemental spirits to do her bidding; and the Artifex "who conjures advanced weapons from her home dimension".

Gunmages Receive Big Buffs After Makeover

Kritika Online Gunmages have been retooled to bring them some big buffs including new effects, new abilities and a full rebalance for all Advanced Classes. In addition, all Gunmages will "gain leveling support boxes at regular intervals from 25-69 through August 29th. Lastly, "Chill Out This Summer" is active with access to the Astral Stockage where players can earn Pet Gems and more. This event is live through August 15th.

Latest Update Brings New Classes' Awakening & New Content

The latest Kritika Online update arrived earlier this week that brings a new round of Class Awakenings on board. Classes that received their 'second awakening' include: Assassin, Catspaw, Wolf Guardian, Psion and Vamp. Player characters that are 'awakened' have access to six new skills, a sligh appearance update and receive the Noble title.

Let Them Eat Cake as the First Anniversary Event Begins

It's the first anniversary of Kritika Online and En Masse is bringing cake and events to the game. Players who take on some of the Danger Zone bosses will receive cake for their effort. Anywhere from one to three pieces of cake can drop depending on the boss's level. These slices of cake can then be traded for "useful items or choose from a selection of special Anniversary costume items".

Dawn of Awakenings Update Launches

En Masse Entertainment has sent word that Kritika Online has launched a new content update called Dawn of Awakenings. Players will find new content and "class growth for max level players". There are new Danger Zones to fight through that can see players rewarded with Dusk weapons and armor.

Windhome Update Launches with Level Cap Increase & More

Kritika Online has been updated to bring the Windhome content expansion online. Players will find an increased level cap, new content and gear among other improvements and bug fixes.

See What the Windhome Update is All About Later Today

The Kritika Online team will be on hand later today to show off the forthcoming Windhome update to the game. The special live stream event is scheduled to kick off at 4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern in the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel. Viewers will get a first look at upcoming content additions, new incoming gear and find out more about the level cap increase from 65 to 70.

Pet Trading & Evolution, Arena Enhancements, Class Rebalance Arrive in New Patch

En Masse has announced the deployment of the latest Kritika Online patch that brings a number of big changes to the game. Players will be able to trade pets at Tokina's Pet Lab in town hubs. Doing so will see them earn Pet Coins that can be traded for pets missing from their collection. Pets can also be taken to the Pet Lab to evolve them to "unlock the full power of the adorable, ferocious and whimsical pets".

Lunar New Year Event Rewards Themed Costumes & More

The Lunar New Year Event has kicked off in Kritika Online. Set to last through February 21st, players can earn Lunar New Year food or a Lunar New Year Pouch. The latter can cold a bunch of goodies including costumes, fishing gear or enhancement items. In addition, completing a mission with Alandra nets an additional Pouch for an even bigger chance at scoring items.

PTS Updated with New 'Enlightened' Monk Class & Imprint System

If you were one of the fans speculating about the Monk as the next class coming to Kritika Online, you win a gold star! En Masse Entertainment has sent word that PTS has been updated with the "Chosen Path" update that contains the Enlightened Monk class and the new Imprint System.

RUMOR: Players Speculating that the Monk is Coming Soon

Fans on the Kritika Online forum have an interesting theory about a new class coming to the game. Titled "Monk Next New Character", the poster showcases a PTS image that seems to show a male character wearing black with a yellow sash. Going back through a Fashion Show livestream held last week, there's artwork shown that might be the same character. Devs clicked through so fast and without explanation, it's easy to miss (see image above). Could the Monk be coming to Kritika Online soon?

SEA Version Closing on December 12th

Thanks to Dragnelus, we now know that the SEA version of Kritika Online will be closing on December 12th after only a year in service. The post on the PlayPark site indicates that there will be several Thank You events between now and then. All cash purchases will stop starting November 10th.

Psion Enters the Game as the First New Character Class

Kritika Online players have a new character class to try out with the arrival of the Era of the Psion update. This is the first new character class added to the game since launching. Psion Eclair is "spunky and brings serious attitude that she backs up with dual pistols and psionic blades".