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Knight Age Articles

Surprise Events Planned

Joymax has announced that the team behind Knight Age has planned a slew of surprise activities for players including searching for hidden pupae and battling alongside GMs. The new events are slated to kick off on January 15th.

Pupa Collection System Released

Knight Age players will now be able to record all of their "pupae" in a new Pupa Collection book thanks to the latest update announced by developer Joymax. The collection book will also give players additional background information about each pupa and details about their skills.

Wield Excalibur in New Update

PvP players will definitely want to check out Knight Age and its latest update to snag an opportunity to wield the legendary Excalibur sword. To do so, players will have to face off against other knights in a battle royale to determine who is worthy.

Siege Warfare Coming This Week

The Knight Age team has announced that the highly anticipated siege warfare system will be entering into the game later this week. In addition, the team has prepared a host of Halloween activities to keep players busy throughout the balance of October.

Social Network System Detailed

Joymax has announced that the new "social network system" has been released for Knight Age. With the new features, players earn "social experience" by participating in communal activities including joining a guild, adding players to a friends list and more.

Guild System Detailed

The Knight Age team has published new information about how the just-added guild system works in the game. Guilds start small but grow in both experience and benefits as the group grows. The system includes 'guild warp' to get to fellow guildies, storage and much more.

Boss Pupae Added

Joymax has announced that the first major content update to Knight Age has officially arrived along with the news that players can now receive 'boss pupae' (pets) after defeating world bosses. The pupae look exactly like the defeated boss and can be domesticated and taken into battle by players.

Official Launch Announced

Joymax has announced that Knight Age has officially entered its retail phase of development. All players who participated in the open beta which began on August 28th will see their characters carried over into the retail release.

Open Beta Begins

Knight Age has officially entered its open beta phase of development. The team behind the game has announced that characters created during the open beta will transition into the retail launch. In addition, the number of mounts has now doubled.

New Features for Open Beta

Knight Age closed beta testers have been giving the team a lot of constructive suggestions that will be featured in the open beta scheduled to kick off on August 28th. In addition to improvements to the Pupa System and the mounts feature, players will get to take their open beta characters straight into the retail launch of the game.

Open Beta Set for August 28th

Joymax has announced that Knight Age is will enter its open beta phase of development on August 28th. To celebrate, the team will be hosting a series of events and contests kicking off as early as August 14th.

Open Beta Dated

Knight Age fans will want to be sure to mark their calendars for August 28th when the game's open beta is slated to begin. According to developers, the recent closed beta yielded significant information and lessons the team has taken to heart in preparation for the open beta.