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    Unreal Engine
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    Vaki Games
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    Early Access
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Kingshunt Overview

Kingshunt is a large scale multiplayer title that provides a massive scale battles on the MOBA genre combined with dynamic Tower Defense and Real-Time Strategy elements. Players take part in 5v5 objective-based matches with dozens of AI units set in a gorgeous medieval fantasy world. Utilizing Improbable's SpatialOS platform, dozens of these arena battles all take place within the same physical map, leading up to 100 players and 1,000s of AIs in total per server. Each and every one of these is visible for all players, allowing for massive visual spectacle. At the center of all these matches is a persistent Titan that interacts with each separate battle in real-time.


  • Fast, intense asymmetric combat
  • Epic fantasy battles ravaging on several arenas at once
  • Tactics first: variety of heroes and roles with abilities and ultimates
Kingshunt Hands-On Preview & Interview - A Game Forging Its Own Path

Kingshunt is an up and coming game currently in development at Vaki Studios. We had the opportunity to play through a vertical slice of Kingshunt with the developers to get a look at the game that is aiming for a niche not occupied by any other at the present time. How well the game progresses through development, through testing, and into release remains to be seen, but at first glance, Kingshunt seems to be onto something truly different.