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Kings and Heroes Articles

After 18-Months, Industry Games Announces That Kings & Heroes Has Exited Early Access

After a successful 18-month Early Access period, Industry Games has announced that Kings & Heroes is now in full retail release. Launch was preceded by a number of major updates that added "massive amounts of content, quests, gameplay balance and more".

New Race, Four New Dungeons & a Spiffy $4.99 Price

Industry Games has announced that a large update will be deployed to Kings & Heroes in the next day that will bring a bevy of interesting features on board. Four new dungeons will be included as well as the new Amalian (Lizardman) race, a new wolf mount, an experience cloak, additional combat abilities, itemization improvements and more.

'MMO Combat Reinvented' According to New Trailer

If you've been sitting on the fence about Industry Games' Kings & Heroes, this trailer might push you off. Called "MMO Combat Reinvented", the trailer is packed with a plethora of game play action from several different character types. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Livestream with the Devs Tonight!

Our own Bill Murphy will be checking out Kings and Heroes' latest updates tonight live on Twitch with Industry Games' Warren Weems. The game's added and polished a ton of features since Early Access launched, and we'll get the scoop directly from the devs tonight at 9pm ET, 6pm PT.

PvP Added Alongside a Brand New Celebratory Price

Kings & Heroes is growing today with the release of a pair of new maps dedicated to PvP. The first PvP game mode is along the lines of a capture point scheme. During the currently running Early Access mode, PvP will be tuned and balanced and more maps will be released over time.

Playthrough with RipperX #1

Kings and Heroes is a classic-style 1-8 player co-op, multiplayer, online Action RPG. Players start by rolling their character to determine their character's core stats across Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Charisma, Constitution, and Wisdom. They then choose a race, class and alignment from a spectrum of shades of good and evil. Once their character is created, players enter the medieval fantasy town of Everdale and begin exploring and adventuring across a vast online world. There is alw

First Impressions of the Ambitious New Online RPG

Kings and Heroes came out of nowhere. Sporting beautiful traditional fantasy visuals, a first person perspective, and loads of ambition, Industry Games’ premiere development effort went into Early Access on Steam yesterday. We’ve sat down and explored the rough-around-the-edges game to find out whether its ambition is matched by talent or just hollow promises.

Early Access Launch Day Arrives with New Trailer

With the Kings & Heroes Early Access launch officially ready for Steam later today, Industry Games is ready to entice fans to come in and try out the fantasy ARPG. To do so, a new trailer has been released a new trailer to show off the "seamless open world, procedurally generated dungeons, and persistent content".

Early Access Launch Trailer

The official Steam Early Access Launch Trailer for Kings and Heroes, a 1-8 player, fantasy action RPG by Industry Games. Explore the massive open world, adventure in procedurally generated dungeons, and craft thousands of items, all as you become the ultimate hero.