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King of Kings 3 Overview

King of Kings 3 is a free-to-play fantasy MMO from gamigo, and differentiates itself from the crop by offering players a unique take on guilds. In King of Kings 3, players form guilds, who can then be banded together with other guilds to form larger legions with the ultimate goal of establishing their own kingdom as the result of an epic quest. Players also contribute to the level of their guild, which earns the guild access to additional features.

On an individual level, King of Kings 3 offers players a few basic classes with sub-class specializations becoming available as they progress. Players can also design their own houses and cities in the game, and PvP in the form of large-scale RvR is also available.

King of Kings 3 is currently available in Europe, with U.S. servers in development.


  • Character Development | Choose from 3 basic classes, advance your character through one of 27 advanced classes, and further specialize from over 100 skills.
  • Conquer Territories | Advance your collective of guilds to become legions and eventually kingdoms, conquer cities, and found your own kingdom to become King of Kings.
  • PvE and PvP Gameplay | Engage in PvE, PvP, and RvR gameplay.
  • Diverse Game Systems | Build houses and cities, craft and trade, level up your mounts and pets, and engage in community activities and minigames.

The Year of the Dragon Arrives

King of Kings 3 players will want to check into the game soon to score some nice items from the dev team that celebrate the Year of the Dragon. In addition, level 50 players will be able to take advantage of a daily lottery and the ability to change classes without having to use a potion.

Beta Testing Completed

Online publisher, gamigo, has announced that King of Kings 3 has completed beta testing and is now open for business in both Europe and North America. The game has been expanded for launch to include fifteen new zones and players can now level their characters to 90.