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Kill Strain Overview

Kill Strain is a free to play, top-down action game with a five versus two versus five, shifting structure. Kill Strain sees two teams of humans take on a team of mutants that are trying to corrupt the humans and add them to their side. All the meanwhile, the humans are fighting to stave off the mutants while gathering resoueces to survive. The game is a blend of MOBA, shooter, and strategy, and is expected for PS4 in 2015

  • Who's On Your Side? | Kill Strain's MOBA-style action game sees humans take on mutants in what begins as 5v2v5 but as humans permanently join the mutant side, can shift.
  • MOBA Meets Shooter Meets Strategy | Kill Strain takes a top-down perspective, and features other elements inspired by MOBA and strategy and combines them with action gameplay.
  • Humans, Mutants, Mechs, Oh My! | Each team will have its own base, as well as tactical and combat advantages to take on the other side. Developers promise an accessible MOBA that offers fun and progress for teams and individuals.
An Infectious Take on the MOBA

Kill Strain is a unique blend of top-down shooter, MOBA, and strategy, and it's been quietly in development and beta testing since 2015. We caught up with Sony's dev team to chat about the PS4 exclusive and how it stands out from the crowd. Plus we've got an exclusive 1,000 use beta code to give you instant access to the beta right now.