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Key to Heaven Overview

Key To Heaven is an old-school 2D MMORPG developed by a very small team where they tried their best to listen to community input. While the game features many hours of unique gameplay, do not expect endless content with massive explosions. Instead, K2H offers more casual gameplay where you build up your character as you like. Whether you want to be a player killer, explorer, or just grind monsters it's all up to you. If you like 2D old school games with a leaning towards PvP, then this might be something for you.

By yourself or with friends, your goal is to fight and explore on the mysterious islands. Become stronger, equip better items, craft a raft and sail parts of the oceans to find more hidden treasure, secrets, and bosses. Beware of other players who are looking to kill you and steal your items.

Begin by customizing your character and then you’re sent into a somewhat peaceful town with enemies lurking around. Kill monsters to gain experience or attempt some quests to learn about the land. On each level up you gain stat points and skill points and they can be distributed freely to make your character stronger and more unique.


  • Craft! Make better items and explore the possibilities. Craft a raft, set sail, and explore the oceans.
  • Multiplayer! With guilds, parties, groups, and PvP starting on level 3.
  • Gather! You can mine, fish, farm, cut trees, and cook.
  • Unique Items! Items dropped from monsters can all contain unique boosts with stats and skill points.
  • Upgrade! Visit the blacksmith to improve/color your items.
  • Stats & Skills! Distribute points to boost your character in ways that you think are good.
  • Quest! A wide range of different quests and they are all optional! With some unique paths that are extremely difficult to solve.
Key To Heaven, Indie MMO, Says Over 6500 Characters Have Been Made Since Its Launch, Talks Next Big Update

Key To Heaven, a 2D indie MMO, just dropped a major new update to the Early Access online RPG, as well as announced via a press release that since its launch its seen over 6500 unique characters created.