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Daybreak Reveals More About Splitting the Game in Two

Daybreak Game Company caught much of the H1Z1 community off guard with yesterday's announcement that the game would be splitting into two different versions, H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill. We had the chance to submit a few questions to the team to get more of the particulars behind the decision and about what players can expect.

Dev Team Splits to Create Two Separate Games

Daybreak Game Company has announced that development on H1Z1 will be splitting into two separate teams to create two wholly different titles that share the same universe. H1Z1: King of the Hill will be a large-scale multiplayer shooter with a variety of game modes, including some with vehicles playing a central role and seems to be aimed at eSports.

Former Bioware Dev Lands at Daybreak Games

Former Bioware Game Director Chris Wynn, most recently having worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda, has announced via his Twitter account that he is now working with Daybreak Game Company as the new executive producer on H1Z1.

Pre-Patch Livestream - Medical Facilities & Female Zombies

Greg and Salim showcase all the new content coming in the next patch.

Invitational Tournament Winners Named

During the last weekend's Twichcon Daybreak Game Company has hosted its inaugural invitational tournament. The top 12 finishers shared in a $200k prize pool.

The Road to TwitchCon Invitational Battle Royale Announced

Daybreak Game Company has announced The Road to Twitchcon where a special H1Z1 invitational will take place featuring players and several well-known Twitch streamers fighting for dominance in PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royal survival mod.

Twitchcon & the Road Ahead

Just before Gamescom people got a chance to sit down and chat with Daybreak Games on H1Z1. So what did we learn?

Roadmap Changes and Wipe Incoming

Daybreak Game Company has announced that a pair of features originally planned to be released in the next update have been moved to the June 30th and that a map wipe will be done.

Large Features Incoming Along with Smarter Zombies

Daybreak's John Smedley took to the H1Z1 Reddit to give players insight into what the team has been working on and will be working towards in the future. Among other things, Smed promised a large number of new features, continued attention on bug fixes, smarter, better zombie AI, ongoing building of a 'massive world' (up to 16,000 square km) and more. Smedley also revealed that the development team is growing to keep up with these, what he intimates, very realistic goals.

Nearly 25,000 Players Banned

Daybreak Game Company is taking a hard stance against hackers and cheaters in H1Z1. According to a flurry of Tweets by CEO John Smedley, nearly 25,000 players have been banned recently.

Well Helloooooooo, Ladies! Female Models Arrive

For the first time since launching early access in January, H1Z1 players can now take on a more feminine role in the zombie-themed MMO. The latest update has been applied and the ladies have arrived.

A Big Damn Patch Deployed

Daybreak Game Studio has revealed the deployment of the self-titled "Big Damn Patch" for H1Z1. True to its name, the BDP brings a host of bug fixes and improvements to stability and game play, as well as a new male character model and the news that customization options are on their way.

The Roadmap Steers Development Through April

Daybreak Game Studio has published the H1Z1 'roadmap' that lays out in detail the development play through April. In addition to revealing what priorities for each update are, the team has opened up discussion threads about each individual week's patch.

One Million Steam Copies Sold Since Janauary

Daybreak Games Studio President John Smedley has proudly tweeted that H1Z1 has sold over a million copies since debuting digitally on Steam in mid-January.

Dev Spotlight - Adam Clegg

Will You Survive? #H1Z1survivor