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Just Survive Hideout Crate Sweepstakes!

MMORPG.com has been given 100 keys for the Hideout Crate in Just Survive - the new MMORPG survival spin off from H1Z1. The Hideout Crate will give you a random item which could be a weapon, armor item or decorative item. This sweeps will run from Sept 4 @ 1:30PM EDT to Sept 8 @ 9PM EDT. Enter now for a chance to win a key!

Daybreak’s Got a Brand New Bag

Ok, that’s probably not our best title, but we’re running with it. H1Z1: Just Survive is now titled just Just Survive, as it’s breaking free from King of the Kill, and running off into its own zombie filled world with its own lore and own mechanics. The Daybreak Games team has been hard at work since October of 2016 overhauling most everything. The result is a game that is recognizable to its original release, but far more polished and playable today.

King of the Kill $300k Tournament Announced

Daybreak Game Company has announced the first official H1Z1 King of the Kill tournament called Fight for the Crown, the tournament will take place during a six-part "docuseries" that will be presented on The CW Network later in the spring. Seventy-five players will start and will be competing for a share of the $300,000 prize pool.

Just Survive Isn't (Un)Dead

H1Z1 used to be one game, but it split into two over the course of development - the competitive flavored King of the Kill, and the MMORPG survival Just Survive. The latter has been slow in receiving updates, leading some to believe it was forgotten. Now it has a new game director and big plans for the next year. We chat with Daybreak's Ben Jones about the silence and upcoming plans.

Just Survive Isn't Dead, It's Just Getting Started

The latest H1Z1: Just Survive producer's letter has been published to reassure the playerbase that the game is indeed moving forward with production. The post begins with a mea culpa of sorts with the admission that the most recent patch, deployed over two months ago, wasn't the "prettiest update" that has ever been released. Since that time, however, devs have been updating the Test server regularly and has been actively engaging the community for feedback.

King of the Kill Tournament Awards Over $267,000

The second annual H1Z1 Invitational was held during this past weekend's TwitchCon 2016 convention with participants sharing over $267,000 in prizes. More than 118,000 concurrent viewrs checked out the action during the event.

King of the Kill Highlights with RipperX

An unbelieveable win streak in H1Z1's standalone King of the Kill made for some very good footage. H1Z1's King of the Kill is looking at going out of Early Access later in September 2016.

King Of The Kill: New Map Incoming

During last week's Gamescom Daybreak Game Company revealed that a new map will be coming to H1Z1: King of the Kill. The new one is based on the currently existing map but has been reworked to show much more attention to the details, including props and objects, etc.

Fair Play Rules Detailed In The Latest Newsletter

The latest H1Z1: King of the Kill producer's newsletter has been published on the official site to discuss some of the behind-the-scenes changes being made to rules to ensure basic fair play.

King Of The Kill Producer Letter Published

The latest H1Z1: King of the Kill producer letter has been published on the game's site. The letter covers a number of topics with some very specific information about several game systems and feature updates.

King of the Kill to Update with Ignition on Friday

The May producer's letter for H1Z1: King of the Kill has been published with the big news that the Ignition game mode will be launching on Friday, May 20th. Ignition has been tuned over the course of its existence on the test server and the team feels it's ready for deployment.

King Of The Kill: Skirmish Game Mode Added

The latest producer's letter for H1Z1: King of the Kill has been released with notable news that a new game mode is now available that is a weekend event only. Called Skirmishes, these battles have special rulesets that might be, for instance, "Small Arms", which would limit the types of weapons used during the fight.

Taking A Look Ahead With Chris Wynn

The first producer letter from Daybreak Game company since the split of H1Z1 into two separate titles (Just Survive and King of the Kill) has been published on both sites. The letter addresses a number of changes coming to both games and each individual title.

Just Survive Video Details Life in a Terrifying World

With H1Z1 being divided into two separate games, one a PvP battle for supremacy called King of the Hill and the other called Just Survived. Daybreak has released a new trailer to show off the terror players will face in H1Z1: Just Survive in a whole new world filled with the undead. Check it out!

A Fight to the Death Shows Off King of the Hill Action

With H1Z1 being divided into two separate games, one a survival title, the other a PvP battle for supremacy called King of the Hill. Daybreak has released a new trailer to show off the mayhem players of H1Z1: King of the Hill will face in a battle to the death. Check it out!