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Evolution Name Change

By Keith Cross on April 01, 2008 | News | 0

The American Standards Senate has requested that NetDevil’s Jumpgate Evolution change its name to Jumpgate Creationism, or at least offer an expansion of the same name alongside of the original product. The request comes after the conservative organization became concerned that impressionable children might confuse the title with Darwin’s theories on the evolution of man. “Of course we don’t think that this game is literally promoting Darwin’s theories,” said A.S.Senate representative Lori Stephens in response to MMORPG.com’s questions. “However, the American Standards Senate feels strongly that the word evolution is misleading and should be removed from all forms of entertainment. While NetDevil could not be reached for comment, sources close to the company say that they are considering moving to “Jumpgate Intelligent Design” as a compromise.

This announcement comes in the wake of NetDevil's announcement that they will be changing their company name to NetAngel in an effort to promote their image as a socially responsible game developer.

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Keith Cross