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Jade Dynasty Articles

Introducing The Arden

The folks from Jade Dynasty have introduced a new faction into their game and take the time in this developer journal to introduce us to The Arden Faction.

Sneak Peek at the Balo Faction

The developers of Jade Dynasty have released this new developer journal detailing the Balo, one of the two factions for the new Athan race being introduced in the game's most recent expansion, Ascension.

Fort Siege System

In their most recent developer journal, the team from Jade Dynasty discusses the Fort Siege system that allows alliances to clash in PvP action!

Master and Apprentice

The team at Jade Dynasty has provided us with this developer journal detailing the game's "master and Apprentice" system that allows lower level characters to play with their higher level counterparts.

PvP and Battlegrounds

The team from Jade Dynasty has released this new developer journal on the game's PvP and battlegrounds system.


The team from Jade Dynasty has provided us with this new journal discussing Espers in the game.

New Features Meditate, Dream and Invigorate

The team from jade Dynasty continues their weekly developer journal series with this entry introducing three new systems: Dream, Invigorate and meditate that allow players to gain experience when not actively playing the game.

An Introduction

In the first of their Wednesday developer journals, the team of Jade Dynasty spends some time introducing players to their game.