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Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted Articles

12th Anniversary Celebration Begins, Looking Ahead To 2016

The Istaria Online team has sent the word that the 12th Anniversary celebration is underway and will run through January 5th. Players can look forward to new combat pets and Winter Festival activities. Looking ahead to 2016, developers are excited about a graphic update to the Unreal engine and the addition of more story-based activities.

Dragons 101

MMORPG.com Istaria reporter Erin McManaway writes this look at what might arguable be the game's most defining feature: the race of Dragons.

"Scourge of the Skulks" Free Update

MMORPG.com Istaria Reporter Erin McManaway returns this week to talk about that game's most recent update.

Free to Play Vs. Pay to Play

Did you know that Istaria actually offers three distinct pricing plans, one of which is a totally f2p option? MMORPG.com Istaria Reporter Erin McManaway re-introduces us to the three different ways to pay for the game formerly known as Horizons.

Dralnok’s Doom: New High Level Content

MMORPG.com Istaria expert Erin McManaway writes this look at Dralnok's Doom after receiving a tour of the upcoming high level content update from the folks at Virtrium.

When Community Really Counts

MMORPG.com Istaria Correspondent Erin McManaway writes this look at the tight knit community that exists in Istaria, the MMORPG formerly known as Horizons.

Name Change

The team at Vitrium, the company that most recently took over Horizons: Empire of Istaria have changed the name of their game simply to Istaria.

Ownership Change Interview

Horizons, a game that has changed ownership a number of times in the last year has changed again, This time though it's a company of mostly former Tulga Games folk running the show, fronted by CEO Rick Simmons who takes the time to talk to Carolyn Koh about the change and what it means.

Billing Issues Not Resolved

Virtrium has announced on the Horizons community forums that they have been unable to resolve lingering billing issues with EI. They have apologized to players, and have prepared a guide for players who need assistance resolving issues.

Rebirth of Horizons

GamersInfo.net is reporting that Horizons, an MMO which has spent a significant amount time in development limbo, is poised to make a comeback under the new management of Virtrium.

Special Report, Part II

In the second part of Carolyn Koh's special reports on Horizons the EI Interactive takeover, she looks at payment issues, the vulnurability report and more.

Pixel Magic Aquires EI

EI Interactive, who recently purchased Horizons from Tulga Games and was embroiled in a a host of controversy afterwards, has been bought out by Pixel Magic Entertainment. There was no immediate comment on what - if anything - this deal means, although it should be noted that the Pixel Magic website lists Ed Andercheck, the owner of EI Interactive, as a Director.

Client Vulnerability Report

A report that chronicles all the ways Horizons is open to intruder attack was filed on August 24th, 2006 and released to the public today.

Special Report: The EI Catastrophe

Staff Writer Carolyn Koh goes in-depth on what has gone on since EI Interactive purchased the MMO Horizons from Tulga Games.