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Into the Echo Overview

Into the Echo is described as a unique time-travel MMORPG, from developer ETLOK Studios. It is still in early development, and is currently allowing sign-ups for their pre-alpha on their official website.

Mysterious events are afoot on planet Raava and it will take all of us working together to face what's coming. Polish your skills, hone your craft and prepare yourself for the journey into the echoes of the past to uncover the mysteries of planet Raava. Whether you choose to master a craft, become a legendary code-breaker or actually fight - your contribution is vital to moving the world forward.

A million years ago, during the nascent stages of its evolution, Raava was faced with a seemingly insignificant cosmic event that has given its inhabitants a unique ability called Qen. Revered by some and feared by others, Qen has been a part of life for the Raavai. Battles were fought, and kingdoms were destroyed for the mastery over Qen until the formation of The Order of the Silver Birch. But the centuries-long peace seems to be once again threatened. There are no legends, no hope of mighty heroes that will rise to save Raava - only us mere mortals, and our only hope is to set aside our differences and work together to weather the oncoming storm.