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Xander Clauss Talks Terran Republic

William Murphy Posted:
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MMORPG.com: There are some great aspects to the empires in PlanetSide 2. Can you tell us what sets the Terran Republic apart from the other empires?

Xander Clauss: The Terran Republic is the militaristic government faction of Auraxis. They seek to bring peace to the planet under their rule, though the N.C. and V.S. think of them as oppressive and heavy-handed.

MMORPG.com: What types of weapons are available to Terran players? How do they work?

Xander Clauss: T.R. players are going to find a lot of fast firing, high capacity weapons at their side. The Terran Republic uses traditional cartridge ammunition in their weapons, so while they’re not as high tech as the N.C. or V.S., they’re able to put out more lead in a given time than their opponents.

MMORPG.com: What is their signature weapon, how does it stack up against the other empires?

Xander Clauss: The Cycler is the standard-issue assault rifle for the T.R., though the weapon has found itself adapted into LMG and Carbine variants as well. It’s definitely my assault rifle of choice in urban combat scenarios due to its low recoil and high rate of fire.

MMORPG.com: Give us some background on the Terran Republic, what type of player would choose that empire?

Xander Clauss: The T.R. was formed as Earth’s singular government after global war in the 25th century. Their idea of freedom is a bit stricter than some would like, but their supporters argue that their harsh methods have successfully kept Earth without war for hundreds of years. Their time on Auraxis has caused them to rely heavily on their honed military tactics and wide-reaching resources, since some of their brightest and wealthiest have defected to the V.S. and N.C. respectively. Players that really dig the military aesthetic will feel right at home with the Terran Republic.

MMORPG.com: Vehicles are a major part of the game. Can you tell us how the Terran vehicles function?

Xander Clauss: The T.R.’s vehicles mimic a lot of the same qualities as their weapons do. They use really refined technology that has been time-tested through tons of iterations, so it doesn’t feel like your Mosquito is falling apart from shaking when going into a turn with the afterburners on. On top of that, they’ve also got the fastest vehicles. There are definite plusses to sticking with old school tech instead of the experimental stuff the N.C. and V.S. hack together.

MMORPG.com: When designing the vehicles for the Terran where did you draw your influence from?

Xander Clauss: We definitely drew heavy influence from the original PlanetSide. PlanetSide 2’s incarnation of the Mosquito is pretty faithful to the original. It’s really maneuverable, smooth and extremely fast. The Prowler kept its high rate of fire, though it’s faster than it used to be, to better fit with the Terran Republic’s values.

MMORPG.com: What would you say to a Terran Republic player that is excited about the faction?

Xander Clauss: There’s definitely a lot to look forward to playing T.R. They’ve got a whole arsenal of fast-firing weapons that excel in the game’s many close quarters environments, and a couple of really sleek empire unique vehicles that run circles around the competition.

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