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WorldAlpha's 2013 Plans

William Murphy Posted:
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MMORPG: What does 2013 have in store for your game?

Michael Koehler: We are very excited as WorldAlpha is heading into Open Beta on May 2nd.  After 7 Closed Betas, it will be great to see players getting into the game and exploring all that WorldAlpha on a permanent basis.  Our current plan is to officially launch in July 2013.  We appreciate all the feedback we have received, and have made many adjustments in the game as a result.

MMORPG: How do you think your game will stand out from the crowd of this year's releases?

Michael Koehler: WorldAlpha is a niche MMO, with a focus on social strategy.  There are only a handful of games out there that really put a great emphasis on the political and economic side, as well as the military side.    WorldAlpha will allow players to specialize, so that those only interested in economics, can focus on being a business tycoon.  Those interested in politics, can focus on getting voted in by other players, and creating a country of their own choosing.  They will have to get an agreement though amongst their officials, and create constitutions which will make their countries thrive in WorldAlpha.  Of course those interested in focusing on the military, will also have that option as well.   Soldiers can work their way up to crew commanders and officers for their units, and eventually becoming High Command for their whole country.

MMORPG: What's the number one thing you want our readers to know about your game going into launch?

Michael Koehler: If exploring a new world and setting up a new society is something that intrigues your readers, then they should definitely check out WorldAlpha.  The game is going to be very dynamic as players set up their countries, companies, and military forces.  The media module will all players to report on what is occurring in the game, and how it is impacting their nation.  We are very excited to see what type of society is going to form on WorldAlpha.  Are players going to create peaceful nations, or will wars rage all over WorldAlpha?  Will players work to benefit each other economically, or will the competition be cutthroat?  Will governments be able to rule peacefully, or will heads of governments be impeached, or worse yet overthrown by revolutions?  All of this is to be determined by the new citizens of WorldAlpha.  I hope many MMORPG readers take the time to check WorldAlpha out, and become citizens of this new world.


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