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World of Warships Revamps Ships, Prepared for Independence Day, and Holds a Transformers Collaboration

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 World of Warships has a new map in its latest update, along with improved ship models, the return of Convoy mode, and the next installment of the Transformers collaboration with Hasbro.

The new map is the result of player choices last fall, and the new Faroe Islands map is now available. This map is designed for levels VII-X ships and superships and features a backdrop of snowy mountain ranges and island shores. It could be a peaceful setting, but you’re there to do some business and get rewarded. 

Also in the update are upgraded ship models for many ships getting Graphics updates, including HD textures, and more. This update features US Destroyer models the Mahan, Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing, all revamped and updated with changes to some of their physical parameters and also some balance tweaks. Functionally,  the ships’ function and stats will remain the same in a broader sense, but you should notice the difference. This is only the latest round of upgrades, and the next update, 0.1 1.6 will continue with us ships Samson, Wicks, Clemson, Nicholas, Farragut, and Sims. 

Now about that Transformers collaboration. This is the third collaboration for World of Warships, with special content from Transformers in collaboration with Hasbro  that originally appeared in World of Warships: Legends on console, but now available on PC. There are a few camouflages available, with skins representing both Autobots and Decepticons included and some Cybertronian containers to grab. 

Wargaming promises that there will be more details coming on the Full extent of the collaboration, but initial details we'll give it a taste of what to expect when some of these skins become available for PC players.

Finally, Convoy mode is back, with a few changes. This time, Convoy is a 12 vs 12 format using tier VII-X ships. You'll be able to use aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines, and cruisers to participate. There are additional Maps this time around, with six AI-controlled cargo ships in every battle.

For the full patch notes, head over to World of Warships.


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