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Wayback Wednesday - The Hero's Forge

Robert Lashley Posted:
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This week on the Wayback Wednesday recap we say hello again to the Godfather of MMO’s, EverQuest, and take a look at the new Hero’s Forge.

I was joined for this episode by Adam Bell.  Adam is the Lead Designer for EverQuest and started off with SOE six years ago working on EQ’s trade skill system.  (Crafters unite!)  Adam and I spent the course of the evening talking about the Hero’s Forge and how you can acquire new pieces for your outfit. 

The Hero’s Forge is not a physical location.  You will not find dwarves standing around covered in sweat toiling to craft you a better looking set of armor.  According to Adam the Hero’s Forge is an idea to “allow players to strike fear into your enemies by looking more menacing.”  

The Hero’s Forge is an upgrade feature that players can purchase through Sony’s market place with Station Cash.  This feature is on a per character basis.  Once you purchase the Hero’s Forge you will receive a starter set of armor which you can see in the video (chain on my character, cloth on Adam).   These are cosmetic items that do not alter stats on your items.  One question for all the men out there: Did you ever think you would be this concerned about playing dress up when you were a kid? There are also alternative methods to obtain gear besides purchasing them.  You will receive items from completing raid bosses, completing achievements, killing random creeps (as long as they drop loot), and through crafting.

For those of you who watched this episode live last week you might have asked yourself, “Self, why does this seem so awkward?”  Well to answer that we had a rather large elephant in the room we couldn’t talk about.  If you haven’t heard by now Sony is releasing a new expansion for EverQuest: Rain of Fear.  They are also releasing a new expansion for EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity.  EQ: Rain of Fear will continue the story that started with House of Thule and in addition to new content this expansion will raise the level cap to 100.  Both of these expansions are due out in November. SOE  also announced the Player Studio.  This new feature will allow players to build and sell items on the Sony Marketplace.

Tonight on Wayback Wednesday we will venture once more into the Dark Age of Camelot and battle it out for dominance over the Molvik Battleground.  Make sure to catch all the action starting live at 9:30 EDT here on MMORPG.com's Livestream.  And last but not least; guess who’s back? Back again? Infernal sleeves.  You asked for them, you got’em.  I have already heard from community members that are less than pleased with the way the merchants have been implemented.  Let me know what you think.  Please leave any comments or memories, good or bad (all day corpse run FTL!) in the space below.  You can also friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  Thanks for watching.


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