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Wayback Wednesday - DAOC Stomping

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Greetings and Salutations!  As we leave yet another week of 2012 in the rearview mirror it is time once again for a Wayback Wednesday Recap.  Last week we had our fifth episode in the running miniseries focused on Dark Age of Camelot

For this month’s installment we left our adventure in Hibernia behind us and started anew in Midgard. I left the choice of which realm to play up to you, the viewers, and you overwhelmingly responded with the Odin worshipping Middies.  To mix it up even more I went out on a limb and decided to play a caster instead of a melee class.  While I have played a ranged class before in a MMO I have never played a caster.  I’d be lying if I told you my first hour playing as a caster was an enjoyable experience.  My first breaths as a Runemaster where filled with suffering at the paws of the mighty wolves in my starting zone.  It was at this point I sent out a call for help and formed a group.  Once Etaew and I began questing together we reached level 20 in no time from there it was on to the episode and the Thidranki battleground.

Series regulars Kai Schober, BioWare Mythic Senior Community Manager, and Talal Saad, BioWare Mythic Developer for DAoC, once again returned and brought with them surprise guest Carrie Gouskos.  Carrie is a Producer at BioWare Mythic and according to her twitter “works on all things Warhammery.”

To break the ice we kicked the show off with some good news in regards to an infamous question.  Infernal Sleeves, you want them?  They are coming soon™.  While we were not provided an exact date Talal did inform us that Mythic is responding based on player feedback and doing what they can to get Infernal Sleeves back into the game. 

The most interesting viewer question that was asked was “What would the team do to DAoC if they were provided unlimited resources?” While most agreed that a retexturing was in order and additional advertising would help the game watch at 27:12 into the video to find out why one member of the team does not want to see a sequel made.

Some of the other questions asked had to deal with the Pictslayer Event, Population Health, and Astral items.  Make sure you keep those items you earn from the Pictslayer event.  The quests will be character specific so get those Necklaces of Passage for each of your avatars.  Currently with the population you see two spikes.  There is a peak time for NA players and a peak time for EU players.  This synergy works well together because you see a decent amount of players running around at any time. Finally you could see Astral Item merchants make their way into the game.  This is something the developers are internally working on.

Another great night was had in Thidranki.  The Albion realm was well represented and they managed to smash our faces for a few hours.  We were able to eventually whittle them away and take the central keep. If you are in the mood for a little comic relief make sure to watch the video at 14:16 for some mass sleepy time fun. 

On the next Wayback Wednesday we will take a close look at the original Guild Wars.  With Guild Wars 2 right around the corner (head start in 10 days) let’s find out where this hype wagon began. You can see all the action live tonight at 9:30 EDT on MMORPG's Live Stream Channel.  The next episode of Wayback Wednesday featuring DAoC will take place in Molvik and is tentatively scheduled for September 12. Please leave any questions or comments you might have in the section below and we will address them.  You can find me on Facebook as Grakulen or tweet me @Grakulen, you can even e-mail me [email protected] if you prefer.  As always thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing you tonight.


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