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Warhammer Vermintide 2 Interview: An Expansion & the Future

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Vermintide has had a huge successful run among game fans. Both Warhammer and Left for Dead players love this title with its fast-paced action and brutal fight scenes. It harkens to the Warhammer of the Old World that many of us loved. New players continue to join the battle all the time and the team was happy to launch Winds of Magic. We spoke with Mats Andersson about the expansion and some of the plans for Vermintide in the future.

MMORPG: Vermintide has had a huge success, what does Winds of Magic bring to the game?

Mats Andersson: Winds of Magic adds a lot of different things. Not all communicated yet, but the most obvious addition is the new enemy faction - the Beastmen. They will be tougher than anything the players have come across in Vermintide 2 before. Then we have the Weaves where the players can see exactly how skilled they are, and can match up on the leaderboards.

MMORPG: Beastmen are being added in, how will they impact the plots and game overall?

Mats: Beastmen are fierce and wild, they hate and want to destroy anything related to order or civilisation. We wanted to portray them as such, tough and intense. So they will add that to the mix. When it comes to the story, we don't want to reveal that just yet.

MMORPG: What upgrades will you character gain access to?

Mats: We will release one new weapon type for each hero with all that entails. For example Bardin will finally get the long awaited throwing axes with the rune of flight.

MMORPG: What is the most fun in working with the Old World of Warhammer? Do you have any favorite factions?

Mats: Everything, it is a pure pleasure; with all the lore, history and artwork. The world feels like a coherent actually working thing when you see all the parts at once.

I always played the undead factions when I played Warhammer fantasy battles (Vampire counts and Tomb Kings of Khemri), but also a Mousillon themed Bretonnian army.

But then again, I have played Dwarfs, Halflings, Wood Elves, citizens of both the Empire and Bretonnia in the different incarnations of the RPG. It is almost like, the more you learn about the different factions the more they grow on you.

MMORPG: Will we see more heroes added to the game at some point?

Mats: Not for the foreseeable future, we feel the current five are a beloved party and have a very nice history and repertoire amongst themselves. Adding a new one would not only require a lot of work in terms of backstory, character modelling, weapons, balance and not the least voice over dialogue for both the new character and all the old ones. We wouldn’t want to neither mute or ostracise the newcomer, this would entail several thousand lines for the new character and a couple of thousand for the old ones for actual back and forth dialogues. Then the second one would be the same amount but with the addition of the first one, plus even more for the existing ones for the existing ones (including the first new) and so on. It is not that we don’t want to, but there is always a priority between different things.

MMORPG: What feedback do you take from fans and implement into the game? How is it working with the community?

Mats: We listen a lot to the community, and they help us make Vermintide 2 better. As an example, we are starting a Winds of Magic beta in June, and invite mainly people from the community in the first round of testing. We will gather their thoughts, and if needed implement changes before we roll out the beta bigger.

If you want to join the beta, sign up at www.vermintide.com/windsofmagic

MMORPG: What plans do you have for the game going into the rest of the year?

Mats: Winds of Magic is only the beginning. There will be more exciting announcements in a not too distant future. As you might have seen, we are part of the PC Gaming Day on June 10 for example. 


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