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Warframe Opens Permanent Prime Resurgence For Less-Grindy, Less Random Access to New Warframes

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Warframe has gotten a major change that has the Prime Resurgence return as a permanently available resource that is designed to enable players to get their hands on new Warframes faster. As a result of this change, Digital Extremes is shutting down the Prime Vault. This new change is live today on all platforms. 

The Prime Resurgence began last year as a limited event, but with community feedback and efforts to improve how players might be able to get the game’s best items and weapons, resulted in this change. This new system is designed to be more user-friendly and it will give more frequent access to various Warframes. A new rotation of two Primes will be available via rotation each month, instead of the old Prime Vault program which saw rotations happening every three months. Today's update starts the new system by adding Wukong Prime and Equinox Prime.

Prime gear will also be available  to earn in the game or available for instant unlock. The system is designed to make things less grindy in order to get your hands on better Warframes and gear. The Prime Vault system worked for some but you didn't always know if what you really wanted would be available soon or not. When the Prime Resurgence took place last year, there was a set schedule letting players know exactly when certain Prime Warframes would be available, and a final last chance where all of the previous models were available for a limited time in case you missed any.

With this new Prime Resurgence system will be able to complete  some Warframe missions to earn Aya and save to exchange for Void Relics you need. This removes a large degree of randomness. 

Digital Extremes will continue adding bundles and having items available for purchase or quick unlock,  but the new system will also let you pick certain items out of bundles to purchase a la carte. 

For more details on the new system, read the announcement over at Warframe. 


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