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Unlock the Power of The Force in Star Wars: Uprising

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Kabam RPG 's latest update to mobile ARPG Star Wars: Uprising adds The Force and lightsabers to the game. We sat down with Kabam RPG's Daniel Erickson to learn more and find out what else has been going on since the game's launch in September.

MMORPG.com: Star Wars: Uprising has been out in the wild for a couple months now. How has the game been received by players?

Daniel Erickson: Not only did the game get Editor's Choice or Best Game basically everywhere it could, our player reviews have been fantastic. Like most ARPG launches, there have been some stumbling blocks, specifically bugs and balance issues, but the game has been getting better and bigger steadily and our fans clearly appreciate that.

MMORPG.com: What are some of the key additions you've made to the game over the past couple months?

Daniel Erickson: We had a huge launch and the game has been getting steadily bigger because of our players. From the dev side we did a massive revision to the game's UI, addressing many of the players' top concerns regarding clarity and ease of use. From the players' side, they won the Battle of Bespin and unlocked Chapter 2, raising the level cap for the first time, then did the same thing again a couple weeks later. This also brought into the game the Bounty Hunter and Diplomat gear sets and abilities, really changing up the makeup of what's possible. 


MMORPG.com: We've learned that players will soon be able to explore the dark and light side of The Force in Star Wars: Uprising. Can you tell us more about that? Will players actually be able to become Jedi/Dark Jedi? Do the Sith fit in here at all?

Daniel Erickson: In Uprising's time period the Jedi are gone, the Sith are merely a whisper. The Force, however, is eternal and there are those who know how to tap into it and how to hide themselves from the eyes of the Empire. It is up to players to discover who knows how to find these people and then to uncover the mysteries of what the Force means in this time and place. I can say there are both Dark Side and Light Side abilities and that both discovering them and mastering them will be a long journey.  

MMORPG.com: Uprising prides itself on the ability for players to mix and match abilities from numerous classes in order to create the character they want. How will The Force or lightsaber abilities fit into that? Can you give us some examples of interesting combinations you've found?

Daniel Erickson: We aren't going to spoil any of  specifics of the Force Abilities quite yet but suffice to say they are dominant and made to amplify some of the most powerful builds out there. There are also Force Abilities that combo with other Force Abilities and some that require Lightsabers. 

MMORPG.com: Can you talk about key improvements you're looking to make to the game over the coming months? For example, will see new and more varied maps to spice things up? Anything like that?

Daniel Erickson: New and varied maps, new game modes, continuous combat improvements, multiplayer required maps ad more! Our players have been clear that it is the ARPG combat side and multiplayer that they want to see most expanded and we're going to lean hard that direction.


MMORPG.com: How will the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens affect Star Wars: Uprising? Any plans for any specific tie ins? Or for characters from the film to appear in the game?

Daniel Erickson: On December 10th players will immediately see some familiar faces showing up as part of the event. The wonderful thing about TFA is that it introduces huge parts of the galaxy that were there all along, we just never saw before like new species, crafts, etc. 

MMORPG.com: Is there anything else you'd like players to know about Star Wars: Uprising?

Daniel Erickson: It's the Star Wars RPG that is an authentic Star Wars story that is part of the ongoing lore and developing storyline that makes Star Wars so compelling. It's also a great action RPG experience that's getting better all the time. Plus, you know, it's free.


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