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Turbine in 2010

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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In a brief discussion with Adam Mersky from Turbine Entertainment we got a look at what the studio has planned for 2010. Turbine continues to carry to very consistent MMOs on the market with Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online. Obviously Adam could not reveal too many specifics but fans of the games will be happy to know that there is a lot in store for the next twelve months in both franchises. Also, Adam mentioned that Turbine is hoping to reveal possible third title in 2010, but made no promised on the time of the announcement.

Dungeons & Dragons Online had a very different year in 2009. The game is one of the first MMOs to make the leap from a subscription model to a free-to-play model and is now showing signs of success in that transformation. Adam explained that with the new model it has become much easier to update the game and add content. For 2010, Turbine has a total of six updates on the books. They range in size from small dungeon packs and bug fixes to whole new systems. Adam also mentioned that Turbine is planning to add a new class and new races to the game. Craig Alexander had mentioned this back at Austin Game Convention, when he said that their goal is to make DDO as complete of a Dungeons & Dragons experience as they can for the player. The first update is scheduled for February so DDO players will have some new things to look forward to in the cold winter months. Adam did say that some of these updates will be available to paying players but also to free players as well.


Lord of the Rings Online has been a consistent game for Turbine in the past and just recently launched another huge update with The Siege of Mirkwood expansion. Turbine also has big plans for LOTRO moving forward and remains confident that there is a lot of content to work with moving forward. Turbine plans to reveal the First Book for Volume Three of the game in February and has more updates planned throughout the year. Adam could not give us a specific number on the updates but told us to rest assured that they have big plans for the game. LOTRO remains loyal to its player base and expects to give more of Middle Earth to its players in 2010.

One big area that Adam talked about was Turbine's presence at PAX East in Boston this March. For anyone who is playing one of Turbine's games, expect PAX East to be big for the company. They hope to reveal some news at the show and have plenty of developers present to talk and mingle with fans. PAX East is on March 26th and runs to the 28th so set your calendar now to try and make it to Boston for the show. At least we will be past the true winter months and can hopefully avoid the snow when traveling up to Boston.

Turbine continues to stay solid with its customers and create game updates for both their hardcore players and new players as well. The company has solid IP games and as mentioned earlier is looking to hopefully announce a third title in 2010. With two IP games under their belts, it makes me wonder if they might launch an original IP game for a change. Adam could not give any details on the subject, but there is plenty to speculate on in the coming months as to what Turbine has in store for us. Overall, the company continues to provide updates on both games currently in production. A formula that Adam agrees keeps MMO players coming back for more.


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