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Troy Online - An Interview With Sejin Park

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Recently the folks at Alt1 Games sent us an interview from Korea with their company’s Director of Development, Sejin Park. Stalwarts of the F2P industry, Alt1 Games have several MMOs under their belt, but Troy Online will be their first foray into a PvP-centric offering. Read on to find out more about Troy Online and what the PvP experience will be all about.

1. TROY Online has had two closed beta tests before now. What did you learn from those tests? First, I would like to thank all of the users who participated in the closed beta test. The greatest reward of the closed beta tests is getting the opinions of our users. Through the two tests, we received lots of suggestions and those suggestions help us find bugs and make us think about developing new functions we hadn’t thought of before. Lots of lagging problems were reported by users in lots of different playing conditions, so we’re working to fix those before the open beta test, as well as implement their suggestions.  

2. What inspired you to create Troy? ALT1 is the online game company in Korea and provides specialized MMORPG games. ALT1 is also the creator of TwelveSky 1 and TwelveSky 2 and with these programs created a successful method to create and publish games. Troy Online was built using the best techniques by ALT1 over the years. The legend of the Trojan War is one of the stories that always fascinated me since childhood. I always imagined being one of the war heroes like Achilles or Hector in the story. The story of Troy was an attractive setting to make an online game. It was a great combination of the Trojan War background and the battle techniques built by ALT1. 3. How did your experience with other projects influence Troy’s design? The TwelveSky series is the major project of ALT1. The war system in Troy Online is very important since the game is based on the Trojan War. We learned from the mistakes made in the TwelveSky series and one of my earlier projects, Midgard Online. Using that knowledge, I could make this game better.  

4. How long did it take you to build Troy? It took a while to build the game project for Troy Online. We tried to put the ideas of Greek mythology into a game and the contents of the project have been modified many times before becoming suitable for an MMORPG. It took about three years to develop the game. 5. What kind of expansion content is in the future? What we really want to do is reconstitute the mythology of the game. In some ways, Troy Online is the first step to making a game which contains all types of mythology. Currently, Troy Online is about the conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans based on the Trojan War. It will eventually be about the battle that influences the power of the gods and the uprising of humans against the gods. 6. What’s one feature you would really like to build into Troy? The battle. Each character class will have a specific roll and affect the results of the battle. I especially love the chariot war and the siege warfare. The chariot in the chariot war isn’t only the transportation but also a means of attack and defense to make the war faster and allow users to try different tactics. The siege warfare using the Trojan Horse is not the typical type of siege warfare. In our game, the winner and loser is based on who uses the best tactics between the offensive and defensive teams. We want to make Troy Online even more interesting, so we will continue to improve the battle, including the Chariot War and the siege battle. These systems will be provided to the user in a later update. 7. PVP in Troy Online is made up of the Level War, the Castle War, the Hero War and the Olympus War. Some of this sounds familiar but some of it is new. Could you explain each war? The most important part of Troy Online is the PVP, so we’ve put a lot of work into developing the contents related to war. The point of the Level War is to give a chance to the users to fight with people in a similar level range as themselves. That way, higher or lower level users don’t interfere with the battle. There is nothing worse than a higher-level user killing low-level users. The key factors of victory are skill of the user, equipment, and how to use your stats and skill points. One of the best parts of the Level War is that it begins at a very low level. It’s the most basic type of war with many different types of maps. Castle War is siege warfare and it’s divided into Gate War and Total War. This is going to be the main war system in Troy Online. Gate War is the first large-scale battle to obtain the gate that controls the dimension. Through the gate, the war is expanded to the whole continent. Total War is the largest war in Troy Online, and all connected users can participate in this war. All kinds of systems can be used here. Olympus War is not between the Trojans and the Greeks. Instead, it’s between the representatives of the gods. The characters fight each other on behalf of the god that they believe in. During the Olympus War, the characters can get additional abilities beyond their class and the result of the war can influence the gods. The Chariot War involves racing and battling. It’ll be around after the open beta test. These are going to be the basic war systems in the game, and we’ll update with more different types later on. 8. It looks like Troy Online focuses on PvP. Why are you focusing on PvP? What kind of meaning do you think PvP has in the MMORPG genre? Previously, PvP was considered secondary content and not necessary for the game because most MMORPGs were based on party play. However, the PvP is often very important to a user. In other words, PvP is one of the most attractive parts of a game. ALT1 has focused on the PvP contents from the start and is using Troy Online to show just this. Troy Online is still an MMORPG, but we’d like to use it to create a new genre of games: the MMOWG – the Massive Multiplayer Online War Game. 9. How does Troy feature into the overall plan for ALT1 Games? ALT1 is focusing on MMORPGs, especially war or PvP MMORPGs. Troy Online is a completed project showing some of the best characteristics of an MMORPG by ALT1. Troy Online is also an improvement to other ALT1 projects in the areas of hunting and other systems. As a result, Troy Online has been created so that users can enjoy hunting, PvP, and all of the battle systems.


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