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Tower of Fantasy Introduces Dancer, Secret Agent, and Flame Simulacrum, Fei Se

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The next  simulacrum coming to Tower of Fantasy is Fei Se, a well-known dancer and a secret agent. 

She's been briefly glimpsed in a couple of the story trailers for the most recent version, so now we'll get a better idea of who she is and what we can expect from her when she arrives on September 26th.

She is a new flame simulacrum from Domain 9, specifically hailing from Ignisville. As a well-known dancer, her style and reputation precede her, but she is also sometimes seen in some unusual places. This mysteriousness works in her favor, as she moves with grace and wields her weapon, Endless Bloom, which looks like a lotus, in both dance and battle.

Fei Se uses Endless Bloom during her performances as a lotus lamp, incorporating its beauty and light into her  dance routine. in battle, it's a different story. She is a secret agent not to be messed with. Even while in the spotlight for her dancing, she and her fellow Shadowguard do their best to blend into life in Domain 9.

She is, in reality, the head of the Phantom Palace, the secretive underworld organization in Domain 9. She and her fellow members are known as Shadowguards, and Fei Se came to lead them through a forceful competitive victory. Thus, she has a brutal side, especially a s leader of an underground organization and power player. She is a mentor to Lan and helped her ascend into her powerful role, even once set to succeed her. 

Her introduction trailer shows us both examples of her grace and Fei Se’s explosive power. Dotted with petals, the flame power she wields lets her rescue a girl in the trailer. You see, the Phantom Palance and Shadowguards specifically, are mostly made up of orphans with little to no ties back to the rest of the world. Lan herself shows up with some important info.

Fei Se will arrive with a new update on September 26th in Tower of Fantasy.


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