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Legends of Norrath - Tournament Overview

Since December of 2007, the folks at SOE have been making their way toward naming a Legends of Norrath tournament. The trading card game, a spinoff from the popular EverQuest MMO franchise, will name a winner at this year's GenCon Indy. In this article, we have the stories of the four winners of qualifying rounds held in December, January, February and March.

December Tournament Wrap Up

December 15th and 16th, 2007 saw the first of many Legends of Norrath™ Championship Qualifier tournaments, where players gathered to battle for a spot at the Championships to be held at Gen Con Indy later this year. The first day of competition drew the best and the brightest to earn one of the coveted 16 places that would qualify them to play in day two, with a shot at the cash rewards. Many familiar tournament names finished in the top 16, including favorites Arge, Floggingmollyla, Leto, Leafweir, Kensu, and Cochy. Day two pitted this talented field against each other in match play games, where a single lost match could cost hundreds of dollars in what a player could eventually earn. In the last game of regulation play, Kensu bested Leto to go into the final confrontation undefeated. However, Leto, who finished second in regulation, got the best of Kensu in the finals and took home the title and honor of being the first player qualified for the 2008 Championships! For more information on future Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier tournaments please visit www.legendsofnorrath.com.

January Tournament Wrap Up

The January Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier drew 202 of the top players around. With a spot in the Championships at Gen Con Indy, and a shot at the $5,000 prize purse on the line, the competition to finish in the top 16 places was tough. Though many of the top 16 from the December Championship Qualifier were on hand again, only four players repeated their top 16 placing; Leto, Lacein, JezMaster, and Skyefire.

The surprise of Day 1 was the dominance of eclipto and his 8-0 run. At the start of the day eclipto was the number 28 ranked player, but by days end he had moved up to number 5 on the overall ranking list! Brothers JezMaster and Quaker both made the top 16, as well as three players from Texas! In the end it came down to the undefeated Aesir vs. Fatchoy for the finals – a rematch of round 4. Aesir again defeated Fatchoy with his Priest Aggro deck to claim the second berth at the $100,000 Championships at Gen Con Indy.

February Tournament Wrap Up

Third Time's a Charm at the February Championship Qualifier

Good stories were easy to find at the February Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier. Sylvanking and xSabacca50x finally made the top 16 after placing in the top 20 but not making the cut in qualifiers past. Kensu and Fatchoy sought redemption after previous second place finishes. But it was Lacein, the only person to make the top 16 in all three Championship Qualifiers and current winnings leader, who stole the spotlight. After Lacein’s narrow loss to Zgabu in round 4, he was given a shot at redemption in the finals, adjusted his deck and play, and came roaring back to win the February Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier!

Lacein now joins Leto and Aesir as the only players currently qualified for the $100,000 Championships at Gen Con Indy.

March Tournament Wrap Up

The Redemption of Fatchoy

The March Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier tested the best deck innovators to come up with new and fresh deck ideas. Inquisitor was released one week before this event was held, so the play field was going to be wide open. Several veterans proved their worth and rose to the top in placing in the top 16 of day one. Seasoned pros like Tineren, Uway, Sydonn, Window, and Leafweir all proved what they were made of. However, both days of competition were completely dominated by January runner-up Fatchoy. Going a staggering 12-0 throughout the two days of competition, Fatchoy bested the best of the best, including the player that upset him in January for the title – Aesir. Now boasting as the only player to make the finals twice, and leading in the earnings race with a whopping $2,450 earned, Fatchoy has his sights firmly fixed on the Championships at Gen Con Indy.


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