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The Prophecy Challenge League Explained

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Path of Exile remains one of the top action RPGs on the market. The reason the game remains so successful is the dedication of the Grinding Gears team and their solid schedule of updates. On June 3rd, the latest update will go live and we got the chance to chat with Chris Wilson about the passion his team has for the game and the upcoming patch which should have players ready to fulfill their own destinies.

Content updates come about every three months in Path of Exile. As the game continues to get better, the team also offers Challenge Leagues to encourage players to compete for some fun loot as the game begins on a fresh server.

In the upcoming patch, the Challenge League goes to a place of prophecy. Navali is a Soothsayer who will be in each town that you visit. As you play through the game and collect silver coins you can visit Navali to have her give you a prophecy. You can hold up to seven prophecies at one time and what’s cool is that they actually go on to alter the game after you get them. For instance, when you enter a certain area you will notice the changes and suddenly start to see the foretold events come true. There are over one hundred different prophecies with this update and the system does not just impact adventuring either. It also works within crafting too. Players may find that they are assured the ability to craft a top item, for instance. Think of these prophecies as highly interesting quests which unfold before you.

Chris explained that prophecies can come in all forms and with drops that are enticing to veteran players. The loot you will get is pretty rare and distinct and GG iseven bringing back a few older items which were hard to get and players may have missed out on in the past.

The prophecies are also broken down into chains which have a continued story in them. One involves a plot line called the Pale Council that requires players to go through all four parts of the chain to eventually do battle with the council themselves. We don’t want to give too much away in terms of your destiny, but the idea was great.

In another great twist, to keep the player economy strong in Path of Exile, people can trade these events. So if you only get so far in an event, you may want to trade it off to a player who is more experienced. By sealing the prophecy into an item you can then use it later or trade it.

The Prophecies can be unlocked by adventure or trade which keeps the system free for players who have less time or more resources. Some of the events tie into leveling up your character. So if Navali gives you one as you are about to start a level, you may want to put it on the back burner until you are closer to the next level.

The team also has taken a look back at some of the older items and thought of ways to make them useful again. GG is using this system to suddenly enhance an older set of armor or a weapon that brings new value to them and some may even become very important for players.

This unique take on the quest system with a fresh league restart should really get Path players excited for what is about to come this summer. Nothing is better than watching a development team work with their community to add content and fun to a game that already exists. Chris and his team are doing just that, taking the existing game and making it fun all over again for players. The Prophecy system is something we cannot wait to get our hands on. 


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