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The Plan to Take 0.0

Sam Guss Posted:
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EVE Online: The Plan to Take 0.0

In this Correspondent report, Sam Guss writes this interesting article covering his proposal to take over 0.0 space in CCP's EVE Online.

To conquer 0.0 in Eve is a vast enterprise. Many have tried; most have failed; and very few are even still in the running. Let's get political correctness out of the way here; the primary goal of any group of players in 0.0 is to conquer. Whether it is to conquer other pilots in piracy or warfare; to gain supremacy in an entire region or multiple regions; to simply carve out a system or two for personal gain by either mining or ratting or manufacturing; every group has at its heart, the goal to conquer.

Many believe that in order to conquer, it means to beat everyone else in battle. To take for oneself what someone else also wants as their own. By strength of numbers simply overwhelm those without and take what they want. To a degree, they are absolutely right. Yet, to date no one owns all of 0.0. To date, while there are some major alliances around, there is still empty space to be had. There are still wars being fought, along many lines. For all that it looks like; there is still room for new alliances, new coalitions, and all of them can find a home in 0.0. Just like you and I can.

I have a unique vision for 0.0. Parts of it have been tried before, not necessarily all together though. Some will appear Utopian and thus unobtainable. However, I believe once you look at all aspects of the Plan you will see how each fits into the whole and can be used to formulate the Eve universe of the future - a time that is coming to us.

The Plan comprises of 11 rules. Each of these rules is based around a philosophy that works together to form the whole. As you will come to see, not all 11 rules have to be followed by each and every person involved within the Plan, but allowances and tolerances must be made for all 11 in order for the Plan to work. In this article, we will review all 11 rules and then look at each of them closer in the weeks and months to come, individually and in-depth. Remember it is not necessary for everyone involved, the corporations, the alliances, the pilots to follow all 11... it is required to make allowances and tolerate all of them however.

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Rule 1, The Rule of Care Bears:

 A fundamental rule when considering taking over territory is how to get the so-called Care Bear involved. In our first rule we discuss options on how to accomplish this and thus create for yourself a solid backbone of industry that will allow the holding and expansion of your 0.0 empire.

In the short term of this article, suffice it to say that without getting industrial minded players involved in 0.0 it will be very hard financially for anyone to get things accomplished. Bear in mind we're not talking about the cost of a few battleships or even capital ships. We're talking literally an economic powerhouse to keep the establishing and growing empire self sufficient without giving this power to those who would oppose you.

Rule 2, The Rule of Secured Space:

Consider if you will an empire of old. Trouble would happen along its borders more so than form within, in terms of military problems. Some of these empires had very real and solid bases of commerce and industry in the center of their power, while war waged on at the edges. So much in fact, that the ordinary person had no true concept of what "trouble" was as it was far removed from them.

This is the Rule of Secured Space. Not so much having a lot of interior territory, but rather a feeling of security within the middle of that territory. Such means can be accomplished a couple of ways which will be discussed here and in some of the other rules.

Rule 3, The Rule of Sovereignty:

It is not enough for some to simply conquer. One must control as well. The more control one has will open the door to other issues - some good, some not so. While it be discussed more in depth in its time, for now look at two principles.

  1. People protect more vigorously that which they perceive as theirs.
  2. Control = Power = Influence

There are some negatives that come with this rule, which will also be discussed at length.

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Rule 4, The Rule the Onion:

From outside of the Plan, everything must appear as an onion and its many layers. In such a fashion there decreases the odds of a fatal blow, increases the enemies resources in fighting for what is yours and allows several avenues of support on all fronts.

Rule 5, The Rule of Peace:

Peace gives you the opportunity to build un-impeded for your future war efforts. It allows for your fighters to rest and train. It allows for your industry and economic base to store and get prepared. Peace at times is exactly what is needed when it comes to conquering. All war and no peace only eventually leads to death. In the case of Eve, that is the death of your corporation, your alliance. Even the most powerful alliances out there have never not had some periods of peace. Even the most powerful can be seen as becoming weak at times due to continuous strife.

In addition, peaceful means of expansion can be done, which strengthens other Rules as outlined here and is a form of conquering. Understand a defeated nation (corporation, alliance, empire) is still just that: a nation. Understand an allied nation is stronger than a defeated one.

Rule 6, The Rule of War:

There will always be those who oppose you. There will always be a time that no other resource is available. War is a constant that must be addressed, prepared for and acted on.

Rule 7, The Rule of Law:

Even in the lawlessness of 0.0 space comes rules, comes laws, come organization. Law and order must be maintained for other aspects of these Rules to flourish.

Rule 8, The Rule of Outlaws:

Everyone needs to be included for a true Empire to flourish. "Care Bears" for one, "Pirates" for another. Pirates need their place too and can be a great aid to an Empire. They should be encouraged to work with the growing empire though not against it. Here we will discuss how this can be accomplished.

Rule 9, The Rule of Coalition:

It is not enough to have just one alliance. Several alliances together can form a much powerful state that will be unstoppable in 0.0.

Rule 10, The Rule of Three:

The Rule of Three has three aspects:

  1. 3 Alliances to form the Coalition.
  2. 3 types of space for the empire to be involved in: high, low and null security space.
  3. 3 main types of corporations: industry, logistics and fighting.

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Rule 11, The Rule of Preparation:

This is where all the planning is poured into. First for attaining a foothold in 0.0 and then at least 3 steps ahead at any given time, allowing for proper planning while current goals are being met. It also follows the rule of three.

Rule 12, The Rule of Attitude:

Lastly, while not everyone has to display certain traits, the leadership should indeed have certain traits that will allow this Plan to unfold. We will go into deeper detail when the time comes, but for now to list a couple of the more important ones:

  1. Patience. Eve is a long-term game and to build an Empire takes time as well.
  2. Accepting. Eve is a huge universe and has a lot of different types of players. All need to be included and can be found a home in such an Empire.
  3. Benevolent. The Empire should be seen as one of kindness and accepting but also one to be feared if it's path is crossed. Leaders need to have this type of attitude as well.


I look forward to sharing with my readers this Plan and it is my hope that you will take something from it and make it yours. The next big Empire is still waiting to be built. Will you lead it? Be a part of it? Oppose it? We'll see you in-game and in a couple of weeks.


Sam Guss