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Tamriel Unlimited - Freedom to Play & Pay The Way You Want

Ryan Getchell Posted:
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Next month, Elder Scrolls Online officially adopts a hybrid revenue system that will include the moniker "Tamriel Unlimited". We caught up to the ESO team (Game Director Matt Firor in particular) to ask a few questions about the upcoming changes and what it means for players. Some questions come from the community itself and us here at MMORPG.com  We even have some great info about the upcoming console editions. Take a look!

MMORPG.com: What inspired the name Tamriel Unlimited? How long did it take to settle on this name?

A: We wanted a name that gives the impression of freedom – freedom to play how you want, and freedom to pay for the game the way you want.

MMORPG.com: How will console players become Tamriel Unlimited members? Will they be able to access that via the console or will they need to go to the account setup via a computer?

A: They will be able to become members through the PSN and XBL ESO stores.

MMORPG.com: How often can we see items being added or removed to/from the item shop?

A: We don’t have a firm fixed cadence yet, but expect to see rotation of inventory at least monthly, if not more often. We’ll have some limited time offers once in a while, etc.

MMORPG.com: Will the in-game store items be available to purchase via the ESO Digital Store website for real money? If so, will we be given a code to redeem that we can either use on our account or to give to a friend as a gift?

A: You will purchase Crown packs directly on the ESO digital store (or XBL/PSN) and then you spend the Crowns in game in the Crown Store.

MMORPG.com: There has been speculation that this cross over to the ESO Plus model is due to the console release in June. With console users not accustomed to paying a subscription fee and not able to lock down any agreements with Microsoft and Sony the best course of action was to move to this new model. Does this speculation hold any weight?

A: There are actually some successful console subscription games. This decision came about more from the perspective of listening to what our community members had to say and analyzing their playing habits. We came to the conclusion that people wanted to play the game, and make their financial decisions, based on their playing style, not on a firm fixed monthly cycle.

MMORPG.com: If you’re a subscriber now, but let your sub lapse while playing in a DLC. What will happen if I log out while in the DLC content? Will my character be relocated, locked out until I resubscribe or will I be able to continue playing that content?

A: These kinds of edge cases are definite challenges for game designers! In this case, you would be logged into the game in a known safe location, probably the Wayshrine in the capital city of your Alliance. You wouldn’t be locked out.

MMORPG.com: The 10% bonus to XP does that also include a 10% bonus to earning faster champion points?

A: As Champion Points are gained by earning experience points, the answer is yes – it applies to both.

MMORPG.com: Being a subscriber, players will receive anywhere from 1500, 4500, or 9000 crowns depending on which subscription option they choose but how much is that really. Obviously it depends on the item purchase but what would be the average or ball parked crown price for a costume, mount, and potions.

A: You can see the ballpark prices on PTS right now. We may adjust them a bit here and there over time, but you can get the general idea. Mounts are from 900-1300 (or more for a really special one), pets are 400-700, etc.

MMORPG.com: While being an ESO Plus member, we’ll have access to all the DLC content that is released for free. Does this include any future expansions should ESO ever have them?

A: When you are a Plus member, you get access to all the DLC that is available when you are a member. So over time you’ll get access to more and more areas by being a member.

MMORPG.com: Is there a current timeline for DLC releases? Similar with your patches you try for a 4-6 week release, will players be seeing more DLC style updates to make the ESO Plus membership more valuable or is this something that we’ll see every few months?

A: We’re concentrating on 1.6 the Tamriel Unlimited PC conversion, and console launch right now. We’ll release DLC details a bit later this spring.

MMORPG.com: During the ESO Tamriel Unlimited discussion, you mentioned that the DLC content (Orsinium/Wrothgar etc.) will be ready for players no matter the level. Once you purchase it, you’ll be able to go in and explore it with your friends. Does the DLC content scale the player to level 50 or does the content scale to the player’s level? If so, how does that work if my friends are of different levels?

A: It will work very similarly to the way lower-level players are “battle leveled” in Cyrodiil – your character will be boosted up while you are in the zone, so you’ll be able to play it with friends of all levels, in much the same way you do that now in Cyrodiil.

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