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Taking the Mobile MOBA Into Esports

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Vainglory remains one of the most popular MOBAs on the mobile market and this week they are working towards making even bigger strides in esports. We spoke to Kris Segerstrale about the inroads the company is making with Twitch and other partners to create a strong esports league which will host games globally for players. While many of the big PC MOBAs already have leagues in place, Vainglory is making these moves in the mobile market.

For those who have not played Vainglory it is a MOBA designed for your phone or tablet. The game has a very detailed art style which is far beyond what many think possible on a mobile device. The artwork and gameplay have grown Vainglory a very loyal fan base around the world. Now the company is on the eve of its first World Championship where players from all over can compete to see who is the best.

Kris was very excited about the possibilities that this tournament would offer for fans. There have been loads of regional competitions and community run events, but now it is time to create something a bit more official. Kris explained that the team is working with the full support of the community to make sure that Vainglory continues to support any esports organizers who want to host events at any level.

Through esports sponsors the game will now have its World Championships in Hollywood, California this weekend. As Kris mentioned, one year ago all of the events were community run. Working with sponsors and organizers has given the game the chance to now offer a world class tournament for teams and fans to enjoy. While building out this structure, Kris likened Vainglory’s approach to soccer, having the game played everywhere all over the world, yet still hosting a worldwide event. This weekend teams from virtually every continent will compete.

Kris spoke a lot about supporting the ecosystem around the game to maintain a healthy  atmosphere for competition. They want to encourage teams to get involved and Super Evil Megacorp is committed to working through social media to make sure the word gets out about events. Even though the World Cup is a huge show to put on, Kris reminded us that they have not forgotten all the work that the community has put in to create this great event.

You can tune into Twitch to catch the Vainglory tournament all weekend as it runs from December 2nd to the 4th. Check out the teams and see who comes out first. In the mobile market this really is one of the biggest events to watch as esports is finally taking the broad stage on the smaller screen. Also, we will have a lot more on Vainglory’s latest Update 2.0 on Sunday in part two of this feature. For now, get set to tune into the tournament and listen for all the updates coming to the game this weekend. 


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