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MMORPG.com has partnered with gPotato to bring you a special community Q&A for their upcoming free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Eternal Blade. We recently took questions about the game from the MMORPG.com to be answered by Eternal Blade's classes themselves and today we've got all the answers for you!

Pureblock asked: Which class has more AOE skills? ImageMAGE: I got this one, I got this one: it's me. Totally me. I can call meteors, lightning bolts, hailstorms, and floating purple orbs of doom. When I get going with this stuff, oh man. It's AOE all over the place. ImageBERSERKER: Spells are for the weak! I'll charge right in there and blow up your face! And everyone else's face! Oh yeah, we're gonna RAGE!  

kaiserxxx asked:Is there gonna be advanced classes (Knight advancing to Paladin etc.)? ImageKNIGHT: Yes, there will be! We all have two advanced classes and become more powerful as we go. Of course, judging by his student record, the Mage does have some trouble with advanced classes… ImageMAGE: Not cool, gorgeous, not cool. I EARNED that Student of the Month award.  

kaiserxxx asked: Can the Berserker Class tank? ImageBERSERKER: YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! The best defense is a good offense, and the best offense is ME.  

androsTRB asked:Is the Soul Summoner a support class or a mage with summons? ImageSOUL SUMMONER: Excuse me! Do not compare me to the Mage or assume that I am just an ordinary support class. I summon souls, you twerp, and what I use them for is EVERYTHING. Healing? Yes. Buffs? Yes. Killing everything in sight? Quite easily.

SageOfSaria asked:What is there that separates these classes from the same mage/thief/warrior/ranger cycle that every fantasy game seems to employ ImageTHIEF: It's not the weapon, it's how you use it. We all have our specialties, but we're independent enough to tackle any challenge you can throw at us. Forget about those dinky thieves who only stab one thing at a time and drop like flies when something stabs them back: I'll stealth my way into a mob of enemies and leave a mob of skeletons behind.

pongipongi asked: Which class is going to be the healer? Soul Summoner? Mage? ImageSOUL SUMMONER: I drop a heal spell from time to time, and if some of these nitwits happen to wander into range, then so be it. But I much prefer killing things. ImageKNIGHT: Don't forget, some of us can heal ourselves in our own ways. For instance, when I do damage, I can take life back from my enemy. All in the name of justice.

erudono asked: Which class would be considered more difficult to play? ImageSOUL SUMMONER: That would be me! As usual I am the most desirable character here. Managing all those souls gets hectic sometimes, but I never lose track. ImageARCHER: Oh, please. You just sit around and let all the souls do your work for you. I'm constantly on the run, placing traps, gathering my enemies together so I can take them down with a volley of arrows… at least I break a sweat. ImageSOUL SUMMONER: Ick. It's gross that you're proud of that.  

IVIagic asked: Will it be quest based leveling or grinding? ImageARCHER: It is a fairytale world, so of course there are quests and a story, but there are plenty of avenues to gain the experience you need. The world is littered with monsters you can hunt, and dungeons you can explore solo or with a group.

Kamyox071 asked: What gonna be the lvl distribution for armors, weapons, accessories, etc. … and this game what stats gonna use, I mean like STR, DEX, INT, STA, VIT, WIS, EVA, etc and that ImageTHIEF: That's a very detailed question, and I have very detailed stats so I can't answer it entirely. You can clearly tell that I have strength, intelligence, vitality, and dexterity, but if you want more information, you should view this Video Help Guide.  

xliljx asked: So I heard the Berserker likes to work out, listen to heavy metal music, play with big swords, but what’s with a manly guy liking chinchillas? :o But, I think that’s sweet by the way? ImageBERSERKER: Chinchillas are BOSS! They bathe in volcanic ash and can jump up to six feet in the air. They are totally manly! And ever so cute. ImageMAGE: ... ImageTHIEF: ... ImageBERSERKER: BOOSH!!!

Err0neous asked: How big is the world? ImageARCHER: It's a big open world filled with beautiful forests, lively towns, and colorful dungeons. There's so much variety in the places you'll see, from the clocktower to the crystal cave to the electric frog's temple lair. ImageMAGE: It's not as beautiful as you, sweet thing. ImageARCHER: Ick. ImageSOUL SUMMONER: Ick.  

Thaipad asked: Will you get skill points which you can distribute? Or do you have to buy the skills and each level at a trainer? ImageMAGE: So first thing: yes, you buy most skills at a trainer. Beyond that, we have a unique way of modifying our skills and enhancing our attributes … but I can't say much more about that just yet. Why don't we talk about this over dinner sometime? ;)

noriyakii_ asked:Are the classes gender locked? ImageKNIGHT: Yes. It's all part of the story of Eternal Blade. When you choose to play as one of us, you're stepping into the role of a particular legend. ImageMAGE: Yeah, and I'm a dude, by the way. Alllll man. Ladieees man.  

aerisstorm asked: Which class has the greatest potential to destroy Mages and Soul Summoners? ImageTHIEF: Look no further, my friend. You can't hit what you can't see, and you can't run faster than a thief. ImageSOUL SUMMONER: I don't know what your problem is, but there's no way you're taking me down. I will blind you, curse you, and look good doing it. ImageBERSERKER: BOOOOOOOSH!! aerisstorm asked: Will you be answering all these questions? Or will you get bored halfway? ImageTHIEF: Bored. Done.


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