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Sons of Trigon at SOE Live

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SOE Live continues to impress and yesterday we got the chance to talk to Jens Andersen about the upcoming features for DC Universe. The Sons of Trigon is an epic DLC coming to the game with all kinds of great new zones and heavy lore for players and fans of the DC characters. With new abilities being added and some content geared around the solo or duo player modes, Trigon will be giving both the heroes and villains of DC a lot to fight for in this new segment.

Jens explained that they wanted the new material to be much more focused on solo and duo style encounters. This new system means that the next update will have more of a group focus. The team likes the idea of giving players both options as they roll out expansions to the game. The big thing Jens focused on was that they do not want to leave players behind. They want to make sure there is something solid in every expansion they release.  Players will be entering a pocket dimensions where Trigon has merged parts of Gotham city with his own version of hell. The landscape is dark and stunning to look at with huge building from Gotham city surrounded by the magma and corruption of Trigon’s sons.

Each area in the game reflects one of the sins that humanity has committed. So Gotham’s football stadium has been turned into Envy. Where green cultists skulk the ruins trying to fill their empty hearts. This zone offers a whole story arc for players to follow which sees some of the heroes of DC corrupted. Wonder Woman leads the heroes fight through the new areas, while Circe brings the pain for the villain characters. Another area we got to see was the Lust zone which was an abandoned amusement park with purple demons and cultists battling players. The last area we got to see was Wrath and it is a massive burned out Gotham cathedral. Each of these zones leads up to a smaller boss fight with one of Trigon’s sons. The content is steeped in lore as you are fighting through parts of this hellish pocket dimension you actually battle the souls of famous Gotham city families like the Waynes and the Falcones.

More characters are entering the game with Donna Troy and Cheetah coming to the fight. These two characters are also going to be playable as Legends Characters in the game. Cheetah will be the first real super speed character to enter the combat. Jens explained that this opens the door for the team to add in other characters with super speed... like The Flash. Jens said that the team continues to add more characters to Legends but are being careful how they balance out the combat.

Another addition to the game will be the Celestial powers. These are taking on the form of Blesses and Curses. Celestial powers are a Healing power for players to unlock and the ideas fits right into the new Sons of Trigon story. The two trees of Curses and Blessings can be used in combination. So no matter what type of character you play, you can mix and match the powers to create some very strong effects. Curses can be used to work off of Blessings and vice versa. Jens really wanted the powers to unlock some great options for the heroes and villains alike.

There are a lot more characters making appearances in the update. Constantine, Brother Blood and of course Raven with his ties to Trigon. Every aspect of the story is reflected in the artwork and design of the zone. Even having stars in the sky to represent the sins on the ground. The team really has gone above expectations with this new area.

DC Universe Online is a game where the community remains fully committed and passionate about the lore and stories they get to play through. The developers continue to listen to community feedback and expect some great conversations to come out of SOE Live this weekend. Jens really does take the time to talk to fans and players on the show floor and thinks that Sons of Trigon will be a strong update for the solo players out there. It is expected to launch this fall so plan for Hell and Gotham to merge and give you a death defying playground. 


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