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Russia Chooses Arcs Over Cash Shops

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mmozg_Rigeborod: Well, nobody contests that you can earn money on free to play. I am disputing that pay to play system is unpopular among Russian speaking players.

Sergey Teymurazov: Nobody goes for pay to play.

mmozg_Rigeborod: But there’s WoW and EVE, cool games, people go there.

Sergey Teymurazov: Are there many new players in WoW or in EVE?

mmozg_Andre: We don’t have the data on WoW. But Russian localization of EVE had recently critically boosted the Russian audience of the game. That's why the number of players is second largest.

mmozg_Rigeborod: But I’ve understood your position. Though I cannot agree with it. Because I can’t see any practical support to these words. I see popular games, true high quality, long term projects. And they live off subscription fees.

Sergey Teymurazov: We have Lord of the Rings Online, it was by subscription at first. We have a subscription server for Allods. We see how many users wind up leaving because of subscription.

mmozg_Andre: Allods is an irrelevant example, because this paid server was launched after a lot of players had left the game.

Sergey Teymurazov: Well, they should have returned.

mmozg_Rigeborod: Why should they?! The game was outdated by the time.

Sergey Teymurazov: Well, you could say that WoW is outdated.

mmozg_Rigeborod: So, it’s the issue of games? I mean, certainly, if the game is not of the top level or is outdated nobody is ready to pay for it. Maybe that’s the reason?

Sergey Teymurazov: Not always. The situation on the market still strongly influences it.

mmozg_Rigeborod: Ok, I see your point. Let’s talk about bots. The new system is presented as the one fighting with bots that earn gold. Of course, nobody needs gold now, when it can’t be passed to anybody. But let’s look at the situation from the other point. With gold, the bots had farmed a lot of golds, players have bought it and spent in the Siege Auction, because it is top content all the emotions are there, the passion, the opposition, the will to win at all costs. Therefore, the gold could be withdrawn from this auction. Everything is good. Ideal compensation mechanism for inflation. In the current system bots switch to resources. They will be retuned very quickly. As the result the game will have more resources than the game design can hold. Because the bots will mine them 24/7. And the bots will ruin the system: a lot of resources, their prices drop, players that do not bring money to the game, cannot earn arcs using in game mechanics.

Sergey Teymurazov: You see, the gold boosts inflation instantly, but there is another situation with resources. Some resources may be mined by bots until we catch them and ban them. But there are some resources that cannot be produced by bots. For example, growing something on a farm. Only players can do that.

mmozg_Rigeborod: Is that so? You think there will be no bot made for it?

Sergey Teymurazov: Well, a lot of time has passed on the Korean servers and there are no bots on the farms.

mmozg_Rigeborod: So you think bots will influence, but only a part of resources?

Sergey Teymurazov: Yes, they may influence part of resources until we catch and ban them.

mmozg_Rigeborod: How serious are you about the fight with bots?

Sergey Teymurazov: The goal is to fight with bots as equally important as in subscription games.

mmozg_Rigeborod: You see, the approaches are very different. I’d remind of Lineage 2, there was a lot of bots on the European servers before they went to Innova. They remained in the Russian version, but there were incomparably less. In one case we saw forbearance, in the other a very serious fight. This is why we want to know, how serious are you? Will you have enough people, engaged in counteraction of bots.

Sergey Teymurazov: On the whole, the possibilities of counteracting bots in AA are much better than in other games. I cannot comment as to why the situation on Korean Servers remains, but judging from what we see, the bots can be caught pretty easily through logs and other monitoring systems.


As you see, despite the harsh position of MMOZG.net regarding the new economy system of ArcheAge, Mail.ru, represented by the producer Sergey Teymurazov, spared us a lot of time and answers any questions, including the hard ones, and remains open and sympathetic. This, of course, demonstrates true professional behavior.

This dialogue explained some issues to us also, as you could have seen if you had read it closely and in full. We argue and examine, and we retain constructive attitude from interviewer to interviewee. No demonization. No insults. Without the common Internet attitude to prove that one side is always one hundred percent right. We would like to carry this attitude to all who really love ArcheAge.

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