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RuneScape Patch Improves Ninja Strike

Plus QoL improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch for RuneScape looks to improve Ninja Strike and brings several quality of life improvements to boot.

The patch brings a few updates to Tortle Combat Miniquest, including the remove of a warning for the Varrock Sewer. Additionally, the Trap Telekinesis spell has been tweaked. Quality of life improvements for Ninja Strike include:

  • Broadcasts will now display at what XP threshold or kill count a skill or boss pet was obtained.
  • The Saradomin Owl, Zamorak Hawk and Guthix Raptor have been converted from object pets to interface pets.
    • If you own these god-birds already you will unlock them upon next log in - otherwise, they can be obtained by taking the egg from an incubator.
    • All three growth stages will become available on unlock.
  • The Ninjas are currently wrangling even more object pets, so keep your eyes peeled for similar changes soon.

The patch also brings other changes to settings like improvemetnts for text, and fixes for the Controls interface. More broad improvements and fixes to the game overall are also touched upon.


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