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RuneFest 2019: An Interview With Game Director David Osborne

Ed Orr Posted:
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RuneScape, the MMORPG from Jagex, has announced a whole treasure trove of news during their yearly escapades at RuneFest.

The long-running MMORPG revealed a ton of new details about the future of the game, as well as having a hilarious time at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre over the weekend. The highlight of these announcements has to be the detail that RuneScape is about to go mobile. With Beta open to active RuneScape subscribers, you can find out more about this news on our post.

New Skills

RuneScape might be shrinking in size but it certainly isn’t reducing the content. This year’s RunefFest unveiled the 28th skill to come to the game. Archeology is about to set players digging for treasure. This new skill looks set to hit RuneScape shortly and will allow players to dig for treasure all across Gelinior. This skill pipped Necromancy to the post and is especially relevant to the game’s new Land of The Lost.

As well as skirting around dinosaur bones, the latest skill to hit Runespace will encourage players to explore excavation locations. Powerful relics and incredible weapons might be waiting for the lucky adventurer, as well as knowledge and demon pacts lost to time. What makes Archeology special is that the introduction of this singular skill brings benefits to players of all levels across old and new areas of RuneScape. It is not an elite skill so you don’t need to be an endgame Slayer to benefit from this update.

New Content

Newer content isn’t going to be forgotten. While the battles with godly figures continue and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, RuneScape will delve further into the Land Out Of Time with a brand new set of biomes for players to explore. When you’re not busy chasing down time traveling foes or tying to trap huge lizards, Runespace is getting its very own Ranch Out Of Time. Players who set up shop will be able to farm their own dinosaurs.

With the arrival of these monstrous new updates, an increased level for Farming and Herblore and a bunch of new questlines to come, Gielinorian adventure looks set to be even more exciting than ever. With so much to talk about, we got time to talk to David Osborne, Game Director at RuneScape. Check out our chat below and head over to the official RuneScape website for all the details.


Ed Orr