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Resurrecting Earthrise

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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MMORPG: It is great to hear that Earthrise is making a come back. What was it like for your team to work on the game?

Katharina Weiß: It was a real challenge, but it was so much fun, and it’s great to see how the game has evolved after a year in development.

MMORPG: Tell us about some of the improvements you are making to the game for re-release?  

Katharina Weiß: One of the biggest improvements is the faction system, which is no longer in boring black and white; we now have around eight playable factions and a dynamic system that is determined by the player’s choices.

Another big improvement is the sandbox skill system with a unique player progression feature, where players are free to choose their roles within the cooperative team play; the player has a substantial role in Earthrise.

We don’t want to develop a mindless shooter or a superficial MMO; our aim is to create a real RPG experience.

MMORPG: Have you been listening to player feedback in regards to the game? What are some of the valuable changes you have made based on players?  

Katharina Weiß: Player feedback is of course an important aspect of our development process; for example the new player loot system was developed based on your feedback as was the crafting system, and the role of the crafter is now greatly increased.

MMORPG: Will Earthrise keep to its sandbox roots?

Katharina Weiß: We will definitely add more sand to this sandbox with new features such as the faction system and dynamic missions.

MMORPG: There is a lot being done to boost the quality of the game. Can you tell us how you are going about adding these changes?

Katharina Weiß: We have been working for almost a year on improving quality and reworking the game engine to boost game performance. Besides a new network layer and new movement, we have also improved loading times and rendering, and are currently optimizing the visual aspects.

MMORPG: Do you have a timeline for Earthrise? When can players expect to get in and try the game?

Katharina Weiß: We have no definite release date as yet, but our main objective is to produce a fantastic game. The Alpha version is in the test phase and you can now register for Beta testing which is scheduled to take place soon. Please complete the registration form on our website.

We received hundreds of requests for the possibility to donate for permanent access to the Alpha and we are happy to offer founder packages shortly, for those who wants to support us in this important time.

MMORPG: What is something about the game you are working on currently that you are excited to change?

Katharina Weiß: I’m really excited about the new movement, as it will substantially enhance both the gameplay and the gameplay experience, which will be smooth, accurate and a massive leap forward compared to previous versions.


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