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Relic Hunters Legend is Rogue Snail's Dream Game

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Relic Hunters Legend is an upcoming co-op looter/shooter from Rogue Snail. It’s the sequel to the popular Relic Hunters Zero and sees up to four players taking on a terrible villain who has stolen the past. We wanted to learn more about Relic Hunters Legends, so we tracked down Project Lead Mark Venturelli to learn more.

MMORPG: Please introduce yourself including your position on the dev team.

Mark Venturelli: Hi, my name is Mark Venturelli and I am the project lead on Relic Hunters Legend.

MMORPG: Relic Hunters Legend is the sequel to Relic Hunters Zero. Where does it fall in the timeline of the universe lore-wise?

Mark: The Relic Hunters universe is fragmented into multiple timelines that have many things in common, but not all. The Legend timeline is a bit different from Zero, and we will explore why the universe is like this during the main story campaign.

MMORPG: It's described as a co-op loot and shoot RPG. What are the minimum and the maximum number of players who can game together? Can the game be played solo or in duos with AI companions if 4 are required?

Mark: The game can be played solo and there are no AI companions. Up to 4 players can play our current activities together, but we are planning to have 6-player and 8-player activities in the future, as well as a city hub where many more people can gather at the same time.

We want the game to have a breadth of options, with solo-friendly activities as well as those which reward group play.

MMORPG: Currently, there are five playable characters in the game. Can you give us some information about others you have planned for the future?

Mark: We plan to release the game with at least 9 playable characters, including the original Relic Hunters and a couple of new ones designed by our Kickstarter backers.

We want each character to feel very unique in playstyle and in types of builds you can create to customize each of them. Our elemental system and multiple game modes will help keep all characters viable, since the best choice will be partly determined by activity and elemental type. For example, Pinkyy might be the best Tank for most Defense missions, but if you are fighting Fire enemies you might have Biu taking her place on the tier list.

MMORPG: The game will be free to play. What types of items will be in the shop?

Mark: We are going to figure that out over time and with input from our community, so it is not set on stone. Our current plan is to offer things such as extra inventory space, extra character slots, skins, emotes, emojis, voice lines, color schemes, and some sort of subscription for a “premium” mode that allows you to enjoy the game without worrying about where to spend money.

MMORPG: What about loot boxes and "pay to win" mechanics?

Mark: That’s a hard “no”. Back in 2017 we wrote a Free-to-Play Manifesto for our community and we are standing by it word by word. Go have a read, it’s pretty short!

MMORPG: Are there plans to release Relic Hunters Legend on any other platforms? If so, which ones?

Mark: Yes, all of them! Haha! We are building Relic Hunters Legend for cross-play since day one, but are focused on PC for now. What this means is that we will be PC-only while we figure all of the gameplay systems and polish the game. Only after we are satisfied with the base experience will we start releasing console and mobile versions. There is no estimated date yet.

MMORPG: You're currently in the alpha phase of development. What's next and how can players get involved in helping test the game?

Mark: Yeah, we just hit Alpha and the feedback has been great! There are still some pretty big systems coming this year: skill trees, a new playable character, more interesting loot, and the first part of our Story!

If people want to join early and support development, they can become Founders at our website. All of our Founders get instant access to the game as it is, on top of rewards such as exclusive cosmetic items. We want all of our backers to be happy, so we offer an unconditional full-refund policy during the entirety of the Founders program.

MMORPG: Please add anything else you'd like our readers to know.

Mark: We are just super happy to be making our dream game alongside our community. This is a game we are making with all of our heart, and we want to make it very special for our players who believed in us from the beginning.


Suzie Ford

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